3 Surprising Stats about Outsourced IT Companies

As any modern business grows, so does its technology needs and requirements. Digital transformation helps reduce costs, maximise revenue and increase productivity and efficiency. The impact of COVID-19has forced most UK businesses to implement cost cutting measures and redundancies of internal IT departments are now common. With that in mind, businesses are rapidly looking for OutsourcedIT support in London. Here is threeusefulbenefits about Outsourced IT support companies.

Downtime Costs

Now here’s a figure that might make your eyes water! It also shows the real impact of IT failure on your company’s bottom line. According to a recent calculation, the cost of IT system downtime shows, on average, that every minute lost can cost a company in the region of £5,000. Whilst this calculation is based on some of the mega companies, it still shows how much of a financial impact failure of an IT system has.

IT downtime costs UK business an average of £3.6 million each year and businesses lose a whopping 545 hours of staff productivity every year due to IT outages. The average employee loses more than 7 days a year due to IT issues. Based on the average UK wage, this equates to £7,235 per employee per annum.It is little wonder, given such eye watering figures that more and more companies are turning to outsourcing their IT to reduce costs.

Cyber Threats

The sheer number of small and medium sized business that are being targeted by hackers has increased dramatically over the last few years. In fact, up to 88% of UK companies have suffered a breach in security in the last 12 months. According to Hiscox, one small business is successfully hacked in the UK every 19 seconds equating to around 1.6 million SMBs. Cyber security breaches cost the average small business £25,700last year including ransom payments, clean-up costs and hardware replacements, proving yet again that prevention is really is better than cure.

Huge Global Growth

In 2019, the global population was around 7.7 billion. Now, more than half of those have internet access with the latest figures showing connected users reaching 4.4 billion! That is a HUGE number to even contemplate but it is also an enormous market for any company which chooses to do business online. It doesn’t stop there either because of course that number is still growing with over 360 million news users in the last 12 months.

For any modern business, outsourcing your IT requirements is a smart move. Using the expert services of an IT consultancy offers a huge range of benefits across all sectors. Benefits of effective IT support include 24/7 monitoring and management, reduced costs, minimal downtime, increased security, disaster recovery provisions, improved reliability and performance and access to skills and expertise.