3 Video Advertising Trends in 2019

Marketing has changed drastically as technology has improved. Today, video advertising is one of the backbones of most marketing plans. As technology continues to change, so will the consumer demands. Therefore, it is important for every advertising agency to be aware of the video advertising trends in 2019.

1. Shortened Video Advertising Clips

One of the biggest shifts in the past couple of years is the move to create shortened video ads. Now, there is more competition than ever, and many viewers will only watch the ad if it is directly relevant to their needs.

Because of this, viewers are likely to click away within the first few seconds if they aren’t grabbed emotionally. Therefore, marketing agencies are creating shorter ads that seek to grab the attention of the viewer in the first few seconds.

2. Over-The-Top Advertising

Over-the-top advertising, often abbreviated to OTT, is the term used to describe advertisements that take place on content subscription platforms. With more customers deciding to cut the cord and go without cable, Hulu, Netflix, and others have a larger customer base than ever. This presents a perfect target audience for video advertising. OTT is increasing.

3. Targeting Mobile Devices

People are constantly connected to their mobile devices. They use them for work, news, shopping, and even entertainment. This presents a fertile ground for video advertising in 2019 and marketers are taking advantage.

While websites need to be made mobile-friendly, so do video ads. This presents a great opportunity for advertising agencies to connect with their customers on a personal level.

A Well-Rounded Marketing Approach from an Advertising Agency

In order to succeed in an ever-changing business landscape, a well-rounded marketing approach is essential. This is where these video advertising trends will play a major role. Remain competitive in the marketplace by incorporating high-quality video marketing.