4 reasons your organisation needs an HR management software right away!

As an HR leader, you are well versed with the critical importance of tracking time and attendance of your employees. In fact, the process is the axis around which various HR activities such as Payroll management, administration revolve. Conventionally, the process of attendance mapping has been carried out either manually or digitally through systems such as biometrics and swipe cards. However, these systems have their limitations and are not exactly the most optimised solutions around.

Managing a global workforce is not easy

The world has become global village and even if your company’s primary location is within Australia; you are likely to have clients and teams working from offices in other countries. Even within Australia, you will have multiple work locations and a significant portion of your workforce might always be on the move. Thus, managing such a dispersed global workforce becomes highly complex and requires accurate tracking of the employees’ attendance and time at work.

The pandemic impact on HR management

In the wake of the pandemic, several employees will likely work from home or remote locations. In such a situation, a regular biometrics or swipe card-based hr management software is no longer effective. Instead of such costly and error-prone systems, what you need is an innovative attendance management system which integrates features such as Facial Recognition and GPC + NFC based attendance tracking.

Let’s look at 4 major benefits of an advanced HR management software:

Schedule Management: Such systems allow your managers to manage the entire team schedules from a single-window by offering a bird’s-eye view and various drop-down options which can take care of planning, monitoring and changing of the schedules. Further, these single-screen dashboards offer you actionable data-based insights that lead to precise and real-time decisions even while dealing with an unforeseen scenario or contingency. Thus, you can get rid of pain points related to work allocation/reallocation whenever an employee takes an unplanned leave.

Automated Time and Attendance Tracking: Such advanced systems can empower your managers. They have at their disposal the ability to track time and attendance data of their team members. The managers can also track leaves, overtime or lesser number of hours clocked in by remote employees over a period to identify patterns and take steps to rectify the situation to avoid any work disruptions.

Anytime Anywhere Access: The entire system is accessible to the managers online and through integrated apps on their smartphones. Thus, there is assured, anytime, anywhere access for the managers as well as the employees. The employees can mark attendance even when they are on the move and their managers can monitor from remote locations also.

Absence and Overtime Tracking: Seamless access to the system ensures that the employees can easily manage their leave schedules. They can apply for leaves, as well as track whether their leaves or overtime entries have been approved by the managers or not.

By moving with the times and introducing such a cutting edge attendance management system into your organisation, you can bring about an exponential increase in the employees’ productivity, save costs and gain complete visibility of the individual performance to reward the high performers and warn those who frequently miss work.