5 Reasons Not to Go onto the Dark Web

Our life runs on the internet and technology but most of us use it for learning. Some use it for illegal buying and selling of drugs and other non-permissible substances. It’s called the dark web. That includes all the illegal websites and content not appropriate to upload on the internet.

It’s the extended part of the standard web browsers that now is a significant part of the internet. But because it’s a part of the internet we should know about its working and harm it can do to a user if his personal information gets leaked.

How to navigate the Dark Web:

  1. Accessing the dark web is as easy as using or downloading a standard web browser such as google or yahoo. You need to download a dark web browser to start using it.
  2. Keep your personal information such as name, card details private no matter what.
  3. Use a VPN to encrypt your internet traffic. When you are using the dark web, your safety is the highest priority. VPN helps you add an extra layer by hiding your IP address and making your connection untraceable.
  4. Avoid using credit or debit cards to make payments when buying on the dark web. If you do so you are inviting the thieves to come to loot. Instead, use a cryptocurrency that keeps your identity anonymous.
  5. Make sure you use reputable antivirus software. Each click that you do on the dark web can lead to something different link or download. Having an antivirus will keep the rest of the files safe. It helps you stay safe while surfing the darknet.

It’s not a good idea to be on the darknet but it depends on the individual if he/she wants to indulge or not. Avoiding it is the best thing you can do. For more information type “How to navigate the dark web” on google.

Some Reasons for avoiding the Dark Web are:

1. Crypto Scams:

As the currency keeps the users’ information private so it is tough to track the source of money. And easier for hackers to hack and get caught at the same time.

2. Exit scams:

In this, the payment and orders continue to be taken but no shipping of the products takes place. But no one can claim their money as its all illegal. Meaning no compensation in any manner can be asked by the person who made the payment.

3. Others include Terrorism, Illegal Pornography and Phishing Scams.

It’s not always bad but staying away from such places is better. When you know it’s risky and can harm you entirely then stay safe.