5 Reasons to Use PayPal as a Kenyan Content Creator

The content creation industry has been progressing and blooming at its best in the past few years. With the advent of digital platforms and digital payment modes, content creation and the paying creators have become easier. There has been a significant rise in the number of content creators in Kenya due to the increased job satisfaction of the people. Famous online payment platforms starting from PayPal to MPESA have been in use for the convenient payment of money to these content creators.

There have been various mergers between the digital payment platforms in other to facilitate better money transfer between people. These e-commerce platforms are PayPal to MPESA have contributed a lot to the betterment of the economy of Kenya. PayPal has been a lot in demand when it comes to any money transaction. This article discusses how the PayPal platform is one of the best platforms for money transfer and payment.

5 Reasons to Choose Paypal

  • Convenient Mode of Payment: 

PayPal is a very convenient mode of payment. Being a digital mode, you can pay from any place. The transactions take place in a very secure environment. Therefore, payments to various creators can be made through this application to avoid any kind of fraud or scam.

  • Multiple Accounts:

PayPal provides mainly two types of accounts – personal and business. The fees charged on the transaction also depend on the account type that you hold. When given a business account you do not have to involve your account details in it, therefore keeping all business and work-related money on one side.

  • Low Transaction Fees:

PayPal does not charge much transaction fees when it comes to money transfer. It offers one of the lowest convenience fees for its clients. Therefore, it can encourage businesses to pay their clients through PayPal.

  • No Conversion:

While using PayPal you need not convert a currency into another. You can start away pay the amount, and the same amount will be deposited in the receiver’s account.

  • Security:

PayPal is an online money transfer platform that is very secure. There are no security breaches in the application. You can easily trust the app when it comes to the payment of large amounts. The money gets deposited on the receiver’s account and nowhere else.

PayPal has encouraged many content creators and other professionals to come into the forefront. The use of such an application can surely boost up the financial as well as the social condition of the country.