5 reasons why Ethernet is better than Wi-Fi

Having a stable internet connection is a need of everyone today. We just start feeling so exhausted and frustrated the moment our internet stops working properly. But I guess the frustration is very valid because more than the majority of work in today’s world depends on the internet. The dependency rate on the internet is increasing day by day and that is making people go for best and reliable internet connections. All the work has been shifted on the internet. Internet setups such as Wi-Fi setups are being done at conferences and events.  People are not seeing the cost of setting up the internet just because of the high rate of dependency on it. They are just looking for better quality and service.

Ethernet and Wi-Fi are two types that provide internet connection and both of them are very famous too. But the question is why are we talking about these two? We are here to reply to the arguments that take place on the internet daily in which people compare Ethernet and Wi-Fi. Both types are best in their own manners but Ethernet is a little better than Wi-Fi. Don’t worry we won’t start a new argument here. We will just support our opinion with strong facts. Read about it below.


Just imagine that you are submitting the most important file of yours online and the moment it was about to upload the speed of your internet connection slows down its pace. To avoid such moments people, go for a connection that is known for its high and stable speed. When a pro gamer or a person that does an online job be asked about the connection being preferred in speed so Ethernet is that person’s answer. The reason for this is that Ethernet works way faster than Wi-Fi. The GBPS that an Ethernet connection offers is more than Wi-Fi and for larger file downloads Ethernet is highly preferred.

Device adaptability:

This thing matters the most when you think of a connection. Device adaptability means the responsiveness of the device to anything that is connected to it. All of us know that Wi-Fi is very good for being used in phones, tablets, etc. but it cannot be used in all the devices and access points. Wi-Fi has adaptability to only a few devices. Ethernet is a wired connection and because of this main reason only it can be connected to every device through ports. So Ethernet takes a point here too.


A phrase that you must be aware of that is “old is  gold”. I agree with this phrase to some extent. Wi-Fi is a connection that was introduced to people after a wired connection. People got so excited to use a connection that doesn’t need heavy setup and long wires with the benefit of carrying it with you wherever you want to. With all these benefits a major drawback that comes in is its reliability. A wireless connection cannot always be a reliable source of the internet and you may find interference in it most of the time you are using it. Ethernet is a wired connection and can always be relied upon as it provides a connection through a straight path that is through a wire. So Ethernet is more reliable than Wi-Fi.

Transmission of signals:

Latency is a word used when the transmission of signals is delayed. Transmission of the signal can be delayed when the signal quality is very poor or the signals are being interrupted because of any barrier in between. The thing that is most commonly found to be a little problematic in wireless connections is that many times because of the walls or the height of any such barrier the signals get interrupt. Same is the case with Wi-Fi. Ethernet is a wired connection and as it is connected directly to the device there is no such barrier in between that causes latency.


Have you ever felt the need to encrypt or configure a wired network? The answer is of course no because in a wired network the connection can only be accessed by the person who connects it into the device through its wire and if I ask the same question for the wireless network so of course, we have to encrypt and configure it with password as the only way to connect a wireless connection in a device is through a password and if for example, anyone hacks the connection so it gets very difficult to recover it back. That’s why a Wi-Fi network is said to be less secure in comparison with Ethernet.

These were the main points of comparing Ethernet with Wi-Fi and I guess each point shows why Ethernet is a better and stable connection than Wi-Fi. Of course, everything has its merits and demerits but one always goes for the thing that has more merits. Better Ethernet connection also depends on the Ethernet cable you choose. Ethernet cables are both shielded like cat 6 plenum cable 1000ft and unshielded like 1000ft solid pure copper Cat6 plenum unshielded. The choice is yours. Our point was not to do any sort of argument here but just to support our point with strong facts.