5 Signs to Know You should Upgrade your Wi-Fi Router

Our life with internet is upgrading by each passing day, so how can the Routers that provide us with these facilities stay stale? It is sheer common sense that we need to upgrade our routers time to time, if we want to enjoy the latest benefits internet technology provides us with. If your existing router is showing these signs you can be sure that you need to upgrade it, says one of the experienced technicians who serves at the service center of a reputable internet provider in Montreal.

  1. Upgraded app and Interface

If your current router app is giving you a hard time to make the necessary changes, or to pay the bills, then it is high time that you get the latest routers out there that come with sophisticated router apps and interfaces, that makes it all a breezing experience to manage all the individual devices you connect to it or modifying the security settings for them.

  1. Serving at your Command

Leaving for holidays, and want to disconnect all the connected devices for some time? You can now simply pause the entire network at the touch of a button from your smartphone, if your router allows it. If your router isn’t serving you that way on your command, you are no doubt lagging behind.

  1. Are the “Dead Zones” Driving you Crazy?

The traditional routers that come with two aerials, will always trouble you with some dead zones, and that can be pretty unpredictable as well. If your existing router is driving you crazy with such dead zones, there is no point in struggling. The latest routers in the market would allow you to enjoy a stable connection at every corner of your house.

  1. Wi-Fi Speeds

If you have good knowledge on internet, you must be knowing the fact that the speed of Wi-Fi and internet are two different things. It is your ISP that determines what will be your maximum internet speed, but the speed of your Wi-Fi network depends on your router and that can create significant impact on the total internet usage experience. So, if your internet speed is keeping pace with the latest trend, you need to have a router that can support the speed, or else, you would be paying for the best without availing the benefit.

  1. Security

Finally nothing can be more important than securing your internet connection and your valuable data. Today, the latest routers are being built up with easy-to-manage security suites that stop the hackers from getting anywhere even near to your gadgets. These routers are now capable of continuously monitoring for any insecure ports, unencrypted traffic or weak passwords. The latest routers are now specially crafted to assume the functionality to automatically discover the new smart devices that are connected on your network, secure them, and henceforth quarantines of they can detect any malicious traffic.

To check if your router is having these functionalities, check in its app for the “security score” that shows the latest security standards maintained you’re the entire network, while showing you the easiest way to identify the weak points, if any.