5 Software Solutions Helping Society Not Fall Apart

We take so many things in our daily life for granted. We are accustomed to living in a society based on rules that are accepted by everyone. Yet, we’ve forgotten how many things around us, not controlled by men, work for us. Is this good or bad? Look at this article for more.

In this article, we’ll talk about some of these machines backed by firmware that was somewhere too easy to be made, and somewhere very complex, that are working for the humankind in general. Read on, and learn more about it.

1. Traffic lights

Yes, traffic lights. Can you imagine how busy roads would like without them? Car accidents, never-ending traffic jams, stress, and street rage. These three lights help people all around the globe to wait for their turn and get to the place they’re headed.

A traffic light is made very simple. The case with the lights is mounted over the road or at the side of the road. At one corner of the intersection or near the physical lights, there’s a box in which the software stays. The software has a simple program that changes the lights simultaneously at every part of the intersection never allowing the vehicles to face each other.

2. Ticket buying

The modern world can really make a mess when buying tickets. Whether it’s the bus, an important concert or a sports game, it can really get crowded. Everyday bus and train stations used to face riots in the rush hours, so people invented boxes for buying tickets that can serve more people at a time without the need for human presence. The work by receiving money and giving away a ticket.

Another way that’s becoming more and more popular is buying tickets through apps and the internet. No crowds, no jams, no yelling, and crying. Everyone’s at their favorite place and buys the ticket through the internet. Smart software never allows giving more tickets that the capacity of the train, stadium, or concert hall, so there’s no chaos here either. See this article for more on this: https://blog.printsome.com/best-online-ticketing-platforms/

3. Parking payment kiosks

There are millions of cars in cities where millions of people live. There’s absolutely no place for everyone to park their car where they want. So people invented parking plots.

These parking plots used to be controlled by a person who receives money and gives away a ticket. Today, this is completely revolutionized and this is done by special software.

A payment kiosk does all the work. Receives money, gives away a ticket, measures the time of staying, and charges money in the end. When there are no more lots, the machine stops giving tickets.

The software developers went a step further and now all this can be done through an app. Installing an app on your phone that is connected to the machine on the entrance provide a whole set of information. Even security cameras can be controlled through it and there’s absolutely no way for an accident to happen while your car is parked. Just look at the CVPS solutions to see where the world is going.

And how about electronic valet parking. Some car companies are making automatic valet parking. You park the car at the entrance of the hotel, give the app a signal to park your car, and it drives off without a single person inside. The computer takes it to its own personal parking space. Cool, huh?

4. Train, plain, and bus schedules

When you walk into the subway or the bus station you see a jungle of people. Everyone rushes somewhere. Trains and buses come and go and it’s absolutely impossible to handle all this if there’s no help.

A monitor that displays the schedule of the transportation machines gives a clear instruction where you need to go, what number you need to take, and how long you have to wait. If all this must be done by a person, there would be total chaos.

Some airports in the world have a plane taking off every 10 seconds. Can you imagine how many people need information at that place? The software is controlled from the computer room and is often revised. Some lines might be delayed and others canceled. (Tips to know: https://www.forbes.com/sites/tedrall/2015/09/20/flight-cancelled-now-what-flight-cancelled-what-to-do/#34932b5c128b) Travelers must know all this information as the changes happen.

5. Take a number system

Did you ever have a person breathing in your neck while you wait in line? Keeping your privacy is important and keeping the line while you wait for your turn at the bank counter is essential.

A simple machine with even simpler software keeps the stress to a low level. The take a number system is something that’s practiced everywhere around the world. People always like to finish what they came for first, and this system makes everyone wait for their turn.


Isn’t it great that we don’t longer need to fight each other for the bush of berries like prehistoric people did? The society is based on rules, but there’s always someone who likes to break these rules.

If computers didn’t exist back in the past, today they are a part of our lives much more than we can even imagine. Everything’s connected to the internet and there’s a firmware for every aluminum box we see outside on the streets. Everything is robotized and automatic. It seems like there’s no more excuse for anyone trying to live a life outside the lines. Why you need to live by the rules? Read on this link.