5 Tips to Film Interviews with Smartphone

Filming with smartphones is gradually becoming the current trend in the world.

With the advantages of compact, high resolution, easy to use than the bulky camcorder devices, the smartphone can completely help you save memorable family videos; or you even can do interview with smartphone.

However, to record the best quality video with a smartphone, there are a few things you should keep in mind as follows.

1. Pay Attention To The Surrounding Light

Light plays an important role when you want to shoot a good quality interview video. Not all smartphones have sensors that are good enough to help you shoot a video in low light.

When starting, avoid rotating unneeded dark areas as well as being careful to aim the camera towards a very strong light source for long periods of time.

A stable light source will help your video get better quality. And if you have experience shooting video interviews, try using manual light mode and white balance custom mode.

These features are usually available on the basic photography application of your smartphone or video recording application.

You know, I’ve had trouble with light, and that’s a bad thing. If you have to shoot an interview in a dimly lit place, prepare some mini LEDs to meet the brightness of your clip.

2. Keep The Phone Stable When Filming

In order for the video to not vibrate when shooting, it is best to invest in an additional device, at least a tripod.

Always make sure your phone is kept stable during the interview, if you don’t want your film to shake or blur. Hold your smartphone with both hands and hold the device close to your body to minimize arm movement.

A handheld video recorder for smartphones can be a good option for you when you want to do an interview for a long time. But if equipping a handle is too expensive, you can still use other commonly available objects to support yourself, such as furniture or a rack.

In case you have not prepared the support equipment, rely on a fulcrum such as a wall or a chair. This way can help you minimize vibration when filming.

3. Use An External Microphone

On the market today, there are many dedicated microphones for smartphones. In particular, popular types of lavalier microphones, shotgun microphones, and wireless microphones.

However, with some microphones, you will have to buy a convertible jack that can be used with the phone. Depending on your needs, you can choose the right microphone.

 For example, if you do an interview clip, you should buy a best lavalier microphone.

Whatever device you use, you should avoid recording in places where there is too much noise (unless you have a specific intention).

If you make videos in your home, you should choose to record in small rooms because if the space is too big, the mic’s ability to “catch sound” is also worse.

 Keep an eye out for noise-causing household appliances such as televisions, fans, etc. Especially, you should avoid fans pointing directly into the mic. When you listen to it, you will definitely get very annoying “buzzing” sounds.

4. Record Video Horizontally

VVS (Vertical Video Syndrome) is the term for vertical phone syndrome when shooting movies. Quite a lot of people think that the vertical video recording of the phone is normal, but this is extremely wrong.

Vertical shooting always causes your video to have trouble getting close to the subject or extending the angle, as well as making the video more difficult to view on other display screens.

Imagine what your video would look like if it was shown on a TV screen, you would understand why the whole world hates them.

Be honest, do you often record videos on your phone with a vertical screen?

5. Improve Your Interview Clip With Mobile Apps

The default video-recording applications on your smartphone may still do their job well, but don’t be afraid to try other applications.

App stores of iOS or Android still exist many video recording and post-editing applications with separate advantages.

Find the features you feel fit and apply them to your videos. Some applications like Filmic Pro (Android and iOS), ProCam 6 (iOS), or FV-5 Lite Camera (Android) allow you to shoot movies in higher quality than the default as well as support HDR recording mode.

 We also have some separate articles about these useful apps. You can read more at our page.

To sum up

I have shared the 5 most effective and simple ways to help you shoot high-quality interviews with your smartphone.

This is not difficult, and anyone can apply. If you feel this article is useful, please like and share our page. It is a great motivation for us to continue to bring you new articles!