7 New Benefits of HRMS software you must know

HRMS Software are now widely invested in by the companies. Earlier, when the trend to use technology was relatively new, many companies used to restrain from using HR software. It was so because HR used to think that this can take their place in future and used to consider the invasion of technology in their functions as a threat. Similarly, the business owners also used to see investing money in HR software as a waste of money.

However, it all turned around ultimately in a decade to realising how valuable HR software is. This shift was a result of knowing what the companies not using it are missing on and also by making every HR aware that HR and payroll software in India is not a job threat but their assistant at work. From that time cut to now, the world of HR is embracing HRMS more and more. So, in this blog, we will tell you the benefits, the ones that you might have not heard of. Let’s begin!

  • Reminders-

When we come to the office, there are a lot of tasks waiting on our desk for each one of us. Whether a person is an executive, manager, or a CEO, we all have different tasks at priority for the day! It is very easy for us to forget tasks that are pending in the HCM suite and need our attention. So, for the same, the software takes the responsibility for reminding you of when you need to update your attendance, process payroll etc.

  • R&R-
    Appreciating people in the organisation for their effort is also really important. However, doing it in person demands time. So, you can give badges and coins as rewards that are redeemable as well online. The same will make people in the organisation who are working really hard would feel recognised and be happy and more motivated to work.
  • Goal tracking-
    Goals can be tracked using HR software in a seamless manner. This feature is available in many software but does not offer a combination of 360 degree and continuous feedback. So, look for an HR and payroll software in India that has both these ways to track and review goals.
  • Office news-
    There are a lot of things that keep happening in the office and are also important to be communicated by HR internally. But, either they don’t get time to do it or you don’t care to open your mailbox. So, the new age HR software have started making this feature to post updates with images and videos available on their platform itself. Isn’t this amazing?
  • Employees’ mood-
    Being humans the mood of employees varies daily and this is important for you to know alongwith the reason for it. Here’s why- You should know the mood because it impacts the work quality too. When employees are not in the right frame of mind they cannot concentrate enough. When you know the reason, if it is professional, you can work on making it right!
  • Updating attendance online-
    Attendance can be updated without biometric punches as well now. Due to pandemic many HR and payroll software in India have introduced this feature as well in their software. Now employees can simply use the mobile app to punch in or out through biometric attendance. This makes the whole attendance and payroll process quite simple
  • Getting surveys filled-
    Now employers can also know how happy employees are with any of their culture drivers like opening a cafeteria, changed cafeteria vendor or work from home facilities, induction etc by asking them to fill the survey.

So, how many features did your software has? Did it have all of these new features or are you using an obsolete HR software till now? If yes, then don’t keep paying for it, instead of renewing your subscription, try looking for another better and advanced HR software that provides all the aforementioned benefits so that you can run your HR functions in the best manner possible and keep your employees and employers the happiest! If you have any topics suggestions or if there is anything that you want to add to this and think that we have missed out on, please do in the comments sections below.