7 Tech Tips that could make you a better project manager

Now we find ourselves in a business environment that is technologically advancing all the time. Fortunately, this gives a distinct advantage to project managers. The last five years has, in fact, seen a real increase in the type of technologies that have been built with project development in mind. If you have already completed a project manager training course and are looking for a few tech tips that could help to improve your skills as a project manager, then read on to find out what you may not have considered.

1.Collaboration tools

Don’t underestimate just how important collaboration tools can be. Being able to see what your team members are working on has a very practical application, allowing you to keep track of all aspects of the project at the same time. It also allows you to share things with each other; handy when you are not all working in the same office.

2.Project-based chat platforms

Being able to keep all your chat contained in the one place, especially one that is linked to the rest of your project work can prove invaluable. Whether you choose to have these chats live or in the form of text style messages, being able to utilise an inbuilt chat facility in your project management software makes it much easier for you to keep everyone doing everything in the same place.

3.Project tracking

Businesses are increasingly becoming more reliant on cloud-based sharing as well as technology related to project management. Because of this, project managers find themselves increasingly faced with many ways in which they can increase the productivity of their teams whilst at the same time creating better accountability for the whole team. 

4.Tools for information gathering

Sensors, EMPLOYEE TIME CLOCK apps and other tools that are used for information gathering should never be underestimated. They can offer managers a very specific type of market research that is accurate and available quickly. For many projects this type of date is essential.

5.Software for scheduling

The modern office no longer relies on having everyone working in the same place. Some people work from home, a different office even a different country. Having the right sort of software that can help you with scheduling every component of your work, meetings and even just knowing where everyone is can be particularly important.

6.Automated workflow

Technology needs to be constantly updating and adapting in line with the needs of the changing market, this makes it an essential tool to any team committed to research and development. 

7.The Cloud

A vital part of many newer technology systems the cloud allows members of a team to share work with each other, see where different parts of a project are up to and of course communicate, all things which are vitally important to the smooth running of any project.

All of these tips should really help you when it comes to adding to the benefits of project training that you have already undertaken

To help with project management, you may want to consider investing in a time clock app. You can specify which parts of a project an employee will be working on and ensure they remain on task until the project is completed.