7 ways of detecting faulty electrical wiring

For the house and other commercial places safety and protection it is important to have perfect electrical wiring. All you need to pay attention to is the use of material and fixing and after that it is required to have an occasional inspection. According to the survey, faulty wires can put the place on fire and can be very dangerous. So, all you need to go with the proper protection and checking procedure to avoid such issues.

The panel, wires and proper installation can solve multiple issues related to the wiring malfunction. A wire made from pure copper like cat6 plenum cable 1000ft is durable and the best conductor of electricity. Moreover, it offers protection and makes the connection safe. Other than that you have to be aware of the possible issues that can affect the wiring and cause trouble.

Here are some effective ways that will help to identify the possible defects in the electrical wiring:

Light dimming  

The issue with the light dimming is due to low power supply. When due to connection problems, wire damage or there is some other wiring problem leads to the problem. If you find the appliances are slowing down while operating or the light is dim and did not supply enough voltage means, there is a fault. In this scenario you should consult the electricians to have a close examination of the problem.

It is preferable to turn off the appliances and breaker first if experiencing the voltage problem. Because a little carelessness can cause big trouble and you may pay a huge price for that.

Bad odor

Another sign to find out the fault in the electrical wiring is bad odor or some unpleasant smell. If you plug in the appliance or switch on the button and experience a smell coming out from the switch or wire, it means you need to check it thoroughly to avoid the accident. Immediately shut down the button and unplug the wire and find out the reason behind the odor to fix it.

Bad odor may be caused due to damage in the main wiring, damage in the appliance due to improper electrical current supply and indicate the problem with the circuit or wiring. It needs to identify properly to avoid huge problems or uncertainty.


Sparking coming from the switch or from the wires connection is not a good sign. In such scenarios you need to call an electrician immediately. To find the exact issue it is important to understand where the sparking is actually coming from. Like it is from the appliance, switch, or from the plug because the origin of the sparking will help to understand whether the damage is in the wire, circuit or problem is with the appliance.

Hot switches

If the switch, the wire of the appliance starts producing extra or unnecessary heat that reflects the issue in the electrical system or wiring. Usually with a normal wiring and circuit system, the switch is not hot but if it goes heat up then a normal means there is an issue. In such scenarios do not neglect the problem at all and prefer to turn off the plug and change the switch that is damaged.

Tripped circuit breaker

With modern technology it is easy to secure the electrical circuit and wiring from the huge uncertainty and damage. Circuit breakers are frequently used in the wiring system to protect the complete system from the uncertainty. In case of wire damage, heat up of switches, appliances damage and fluctuation in the voltage, circuit breaker tripped to save the damage. It happens when the circuit is loaded enough with the electric current and not able to manage its supply properly. In such scenarios you can easily find the issue and call the electrician to fix the problem immediately.

Do not on the breaker if it tripped and prefer to find the issue before plug in. Because it shows the presence of a faulty wire or a damage circuit that can cause big trouble and need repair services.

Damage connection

Due to too many connection settings, and if you are using a single switch to manage the huge workout can cause the problem. If a smooth running connection immediately shows the sound, spark and odor it means the connection has some problem inside. Moreover, the connection near water like in the bathroom or kitchen can easily get damaged due to water or moisture. So, it is preferable to use the protective material and occasionally check the connection to ensure the safety.

If the electrical connection is old and untreated for a long period, it can cause the problem or have a chance to get damage. It is preferring to go with the regular maintenance to avoid the big hazard and trouble caused by the wire damage and connection problem in future.