Everybody has in their life mistakenly deleted folders which they didn’t want to. Some of the folders were very important, and many people regret after deleting these precious folders. Some find ways to recover data themselves from their mobile or pc while others consult the field professionals. The question that comes to mind of most people is whether they can get their deleted data recovered.


Most of the videos online may tell you that it is impossible to recover data that is deleted, and only the data that gets inaccessible due to harm to the storage system can be recovered.

1) Only half of this is true because both the data can be recovered if you take either harmed storage device or deleted storage device to an experienced person. However, you need to keep in mind that the success rate depends on how early you are going to a professional to get your data recovered after deleting.

2) If you are going soon after you realize that you didn’t want your data to be deleted, the chances are you will get most of it back. But if you are going late and have overwritten within the storage system, the chance decreases.

3) You can check your recycle bin; if you are lucky, the deleted file may still be up there.

4) Another thing you can try is to use good data recovery software. But problems with them are that most of them are pretty expensive to use and with half of that amount you can easily get it recovered from an acknowledged company with experts.

5) If you maintain the habit of backing up your data every couple of weeks, you can easily access the data to get your deleted data back.

6) Another thing that matters is to taking the risk seriously and consulting a professional. Instead of recovering the data yourself or asking a friend to help save some bucks, it can lead to permanent harm to your data and storage device. If you take it to a professional like people atBristol data recovery, you will get most of your data back in a very quick time.


In the previous time, many people panicked if their data gets deleted or become inaccessible. But in times like this, good companies like data recovery Bristol UK can easily help you get your data back in quick time. So you can easily access the lost data again and save you from going to the trouble of working again on hours of work you have already done before.