A Peep at the Artificial Intelligence around You

The evolution process of man and machine results in the reduced role of a man compared to the role of a machine operated by a man. For the execution of routine functions, machines come equipped with control subsystems. The resulting man-machine systems would be referred to as semi-automatic systems. Most semi-automatic systems have changed into automatic systems.

Preconditions for the birth of AI

It would be worth mentioning that computer systems have been a significant change in several areas of technology during the past few decades. Previous machines had the role of performing various tasks given by humans. Presently, the machines have been equipped with highly advanced programmable control systems and several types of sensory devices. ServisBOT would enable them to execute various kinds of human tasks inclusive of creative problem-solving skills. These would be deemed as preconditions for the birth of artificial intelligence.

AI programs and systems

The past few years saw several AI programs and systems successfully copying selected human brain functions. It also saw the extended decision-making and cognitive abilities of humans. Consequently, most machines presently available could perform the knowledge-based functions of a human operator. However, they would offer better quality. Rest assured AI is the science and engineering of making intelligent machines.

Defining artificial intelligence

The term intelligence has been derived from the Latin word intellectus. It would be defined as the mind and powers of human thinking. The dictionary meaning of intelligence would be defined in the following ways –

  • Mental cuteness
  • Information related to an enemy or possible enemy or an area along with the agency engaged in gathering such an information
  • The competency to execute computer functions
  • The eternal quality of the Divine Mind
  • The ability to understand, learn, or deal with new or difficult situations

The competency to execute computer function

Rest assured a computer program providing computer function does not have intelligence. Based on the knowledge gathered about computers, you could consider instinct as a group of programs written on genetic material inclusive of DNA.

When a worker executes his tasks automatically, it means he has essential programs in his brain for automatic actions. These programs were developed by special training the worker has received enabling him to complete the task. Acquired and congenital programs have been an aspect of human intelligence or intellect. The same could be said for an executable computer program. Rest assured the program entails a portion of the intelligence of its developers, translated into a language or code for the machine to understand.

An executable computer program with intelligence

It would be worth mentioning that an executable computer program would have some intelligence. The contemporary computer systems could choose the best decision or rationally analyze the external influences for this decision. They would be called intelligent systems. This has been the major reason why Artificial Intelligence has been a powerful resource for solutions to a wide range of issues.

AI for national security

Intelligence was associated with government organizations dedicated to the gathering of information for national security and defense purposes. Presently, artificial intelligence has a broader meaning with practical applications to real products and systems. Artificial Intelligence methods would be inclusive of elements found in computer science, cybernetics, neuroscience, psychology, linguistics, cognitive science, economics, operations research, math, control theory, and more. AI connects with such areas as control systems, robotics, data mining, logistics, and scheduling.

To sum it up

Having advanced computer-based systems used in manufacturing control or traffic control would make it reasonable to retain the human ability for solving jammed issues in real-time. The man-machine systems could exist with various levels of automation. Rest assured the artificial intelligence systems could have several grades, ranging from simple to complex.