Active Shooter Guide: Learn What to Do In Case Of Public Shooting

It does not matter if you are selling cars, hitting a baseball, or playing the piano, because it is vital to practice the craft you know so that you can become better as time goes by.

The same thing goes for active shooting training that will help you understand what will happen during the incident at any public place such as a church, school, company and many more.

The importance of survival is highly vital during these blitzkrieg moments when your adrenaline will spike, and you will find yourself in panic, which is the worst thing that may happen during an active shooting situation.

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In here, we wish to tell you everything that you may expect in theory, but without practice, you will not be able to understand the severity of the situation and that your every step will help you survive.

Preparation Is Everything

The first thing that you will learn when you’re practicing for active shooting scenario is that you have to be aware of a situation that happens around you because it is a critical factor that will help you survive along the way.

Therefore, you should be able to protect yourself, and the easiest way to do it is to understand the situation and place where you are. Knowing environment is crucial safety precaution that you can take in almost any shooting scenario.

We recommend you to check out for fire exits as well as the fastest ways to reach outside even if nothing happens, and you will be able to learn how to do it by choosing the training that we have mentioned above.

The key for preparation is to understand the thread and the scope of its abilities, but you also have to take time to train yourself as well as your reaction during these challenging and stressful moments.

If you wish to be completely prepared for everything, you have to take a self-defense course that will help you along the way. At the same time, while on training, you should consider every single aspect of an active shooting.

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Therefore, you have to always be one step ahead and think about how to assess the situation, such as calling law enforcement and working with improvised weapons so that you can disarm an imposter.

Preparation includes determining all exit points and being aware of your environment. As soon as you reach a new area, the first thing you should check is every single escape route possible as well as different exits that you can choose.

Even if you avoid getting a firearm that you can use, it is vital to learn how the actual gunfire sounds, so that you can reduce the hassle and be prepared before it even happens.

For some people, it may sound like throwing fireworks, but the misunderstanding can mean a difference between life and death.

Use Tactical Advantages

Some people would call this particular idea paranoia, but that not it, because in today’s world, you have to be prepared above everything else.

Therefore, when you decide to put yourself in environment with numerous targets such as public gathering, theater, and concert, you should do a few things so that you can improve the chances of survival.

It is vital to avoid events and situations that may lead to violence, which is why you have to be able to predict this situation, but that may seem impossible, mainly since most active shooters do not feature patterns, but they act impulsively and passionately.

1.   Avoid High-Profile Events

The main goal of most active shooters is to create the attention of public. Both terrorist organizations and lone shooters are looking for body counts as well as media attention.

Therefore, it is much more likely that they will attack high profile events such as opening nights, sold-out concerts and shows and politically charged rallies.

You can be proactive by understanding the background of some movement or following the news and situations that are happening, but the shooting happen anywhere so it is useless to be completely afraid and paranoid.

2.   Do Not Be an Easy Target

When you decide to go to a significant event such as concert, movie or sporting event, you should always choose the seats that are close to exit.

Even though the performance and enjoyment are not that good when you’re straight on the back, that will help you reduce the possibility of getting caught in crossfire and becoming an easy target.

The last place where you wish to be during a shooting event is in the middle of a crowd, or front row seats. Therefore, one of the best ways to protect yourself is to determine the perfect placement so that you can survive with ease.

We recommend you always to choose seats that are near exits and never ones that are in the middle of the crowd.

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At the same time, during these events, it is way better to avoid standing out from others with haircut or dressing style, because that will make you more transparent than casual outfit.

You also have to follow the situation that happens, and wherever you are, think about the route that you will choose in case something happens as well as obstacles that you have to pass to stay away from bullets.