Advantages And Disadvantages Of E-Bikes

These days there’s only one slogan that everyone’s using, “people should start using electric bikes”. The only thing that everybody knows is that electric scooters are healthy for nature and the best electric scooters reduce global warming, do not pollute the environment. Apart from the reduction of pollution, electric scooters have other advantages too.  But the sad part is, even the best electric scooters have disadvantages. So, here you go with the features of E-bikes,


·       Eco Friendly

The article does not feel complete without mentioning this advantage. Electric scooters are eco-friendly. Best electric scooter reduce pollution by emitting no harmful gases into the air. Because they used batteries and hence there is no gas released.

·       Noise Pollution

Traffic increases noise pollution but not the traffic of electric scooters. Electric scooters do not create any noise and run very smoothly. Compared to petrol scooters electric scooters produce very less sound and avoid noise pollution.

·       Activity

This advanced era has brought the world out there to the doorstep. Being this comfortable, a few people have stopped exercising too. But electric scooters increase human activity. Agreed that electric scooters cannot be a replacement for a workout but still they can give a moment to the body.

·       Safety

The accidental rate of electric scooters is low when compared to petroleum bikes. They are very much safer just like the skaters and cycles.


·       Environment

ECs run on batteries and it makes them eco-friendly. But these batteries are to be replaced frequently. So there is a lot of power waste due to these batteries.

·       Weight

ECs weigh high. When compared to petroleum bikes, ECs are heavy. The batteries make them heavy and are a bit hard to handle.

·       Cost

E-bikes are very expensive. The cost is much higher than petroleum bikes. As the battery should be changed frequently maintenance is also high.

·       Storage Space

E-bikes do not have much storage face when compared to petroleum bikes. Even the body of an E-bike is poor when compared with petrol bikes.

·       Battery Life

E-bikes run on battery and the battery life of e-bikes should be high. But unfortunately, the battery life of a bike is lacking. And need to be changed frequently.

·       Reselling

When petroleum bikes are resold they are sold at least at half of the price, because they are worth selling. But when we bikes are resold they don’t even get sold at half price. So, reselling is problematic for E-bike owners.