Advantages of Managed VPS Hosting for Your Business





The internet is a very fast, and constantly evolving entity. It has room for every kind of business- big or small. Today, most of the businesses have their own websites, and it is very easy to set up your online storefront. While setting up a website is very easy, what matters is the kind of hosting. Cloud hosting, shared hosting, cheap dedicated server, and WordPress hosting – are some of the different kinds of hostings one can avail from.

This article aims to help you understand the advantages of a VPS hosting. To begin with, a VPS hosting server stands for Virtual Private Server. A VPS is a physical host server, which further contains several virtual servers. These virtual servers work isolated with their stand-alone operating servers, and although they all share the same physical server, any interaction between two virtual servers isn’t possible.

Let us look deeper into managed VPS host and how it benefits you.

  1. Reliability

Visitors trust those websites that are reliable. Reliability of a website is determined by a lot of factors, the strongest one being its downtime.  Websites with a very little or no downtime easily get the customer’s preference. The term’ downtime’ refers to the period when a website is down for several reasons. When visitors see a particular website down, they will move away to another site and this is a loss to your business. VPS hosted websites are reliable because those are always running.

  1. Cost advantages

If you compared the monthly plans of your VPS Hosting India provider with those of a dedicated hosting provider, you will find the former inexpensive. This is surprising because VPS hosting provides generally the same resources and support  as does any dedicated hosting plan.

But VPS is not just inexpensive in terms of monthly rent. You don’t have to set up a dedicated team to manage your hosting or solving problems associated with it. Your hosting provider has its own team in place to do the needful and if you encounter any glitch, there is a 24/7 helpline.

  1. Security

Every year, thousands of websites are attacked by spammers, and cyber criminals. If you are doing a good amount of business through your website then it is vital to secure your data. In a VPS hosting, your website remains safe and secure and is protected by multiple security layers. Even though your physical server is shared by other websites, your critical data still remains protected. Had you installed a dedicated hosting for your business, you would have to spend a substantial fortune for data security.

You can also backup your data in regular intervals either manually or automatically. Data backup is important because your data is vulnerable from all kinds of attacks all the time, and thus, it makes sense to have its copy. Once you have nacked up your data, you can access it from any place in the world.

  1. Control

You will have a high level of control of your website in a VPS hosting setup. What this means is that you will have root access and be also able to manage the scripts.

Such kind of control is not possible in shared hosting plans.

  1. Scalability and Customization

You can customize your VPS server as per your needs and pay for only those products that you use. Another upside of a VPS hosting plan is that it is scalable. As and when you grow your business, you can add resources to your server.


To conclude, VPS hosting has several advantages like data security, cost advantages, flexibility and scalability. You also retain control over your data in this kind of hosting.