Affiliate Options for the best Earning Programs

Affiliate program links act as a tracker that indicates that a lead has arrived at the product, made a purchase, or registered through a referral. But for affiliate marketing to work, you need to advertise your links on the right channels. Let’s see what they are:


If you are a blog author, you can write about the product during an article and bring your audience to it via a textual hyperlink. This is the most common way to disseminate links, since it is done in a totally natural and reliable way. You can also link to multiple platforms in one article, which increases your chances of sales.

Social networks

You can take advantage of your large audience on social media to spread your links. On Instagram, for example, it is possible to mark companies and products in videos, stories and photos in the feed . The advantage is that you can talk on video about the product, making communication more direct and personal.

E-mail marketing

Not all affiliate programs allow you to advertise your links in emails, but if you participate in one that accepts this type of advertising, you can take advantage of your blog’s newsletter to insert the product there.

Affiliate Support

And finally, a good affiliate marketing program is always well supported. So, don’t forget to check if the Producer makes this feature available. That way, you will be able to quickly contact the person in charge of the product to answer all your questions. You can Go to the Value Network and Collaboration site here and have the best options.

Paid Ads

You can also use paid ads, such as Google Ads , to reach your target audience and advertise your affiliate product. However, be careful: this technique will only bring good results if you really have mastered the tools for creating ads and targeting Ads . Otherwise, you could end up losing money.

How to choose the product?

Define which product you will sell

It is necessary to define what is the best type of product to do your affiliate marketing and think if it matches your niche. Also, consider the following factors:

Product temperature

The temperature of a product is intended to inform how a product is being accepted on the market . At Hotmart, for example, all products start with a low temperature and rise as purchases increase.

If you have a consolidated audience, it is interesting to choose high temperature products, since your chances of selling are greater. However, if you use Google Adsense, you can choose products with a lower temperature.

Quantity of promotional materials

Does the product have a registered domain? What pages are available by the producer? Consider this before choosing a product and closing a partnership.


Remember we talked about trends earlier? So, when choosing the product, it is also necessary to consider which issues are at the moment at the moment. Is the period favorable for sales of this product or harmful? It’s worth checking.


Clarify any doubts about commissions with the Producer before closing the partnership. Check whether the commission is per click or per sale, how it will be counted and how you will receive the money.