Air Purifiers Using PCO Technology

We all know that light that we get from the Sun s one of the main sources of energy for all living beings on earth. But not many of us are aware of its cleaning powers!!! Air purifiers use this property of light with the help of PCO (photocatalytic oxidation) technology where the light energy helps in zapping all kinds of air pollutants, only to then convert them into harmless substances instead. Thus light-powered air purifiers are a boon for those who are looking for cleaner air.

PCO Technology Enabled Air Purifier

This is one of the latest technologies available in the market which allows the environment to become much more liveable for people like you and me. In these air purifiers, the air is cleaned by using titanium dioxide while ultraviolet (UV) light is used to energize it. The UV light has much greater energy when compared to ordinary, visible light— which helps to make titanium dioxide a catalyst and use it to clean the air.

Transform Pollutants

One prime advantage of using PCO Technology is that the photocatalytic air purifiers use various other air-cleaning technologies as well like filters. These filters help transforming the pollutants into harmless substances and in effect destroy them instead of trapping these substances. This is a very important point because it makes sure that you can breathe in clean fresh air without worrying about anything else.

Prescribed Limit

Although this process can also lead to the generation of tiny amounts of ozone (O3), a chemical variant of the oxygen that is a toxic air pollutant, the purifiers made here do not produce this harmful chemical beyond the prescribed guideline limit. This is very important to make sure that the air purifiers are safe for use by the general public.

Combination Of Technologies For Better Solutions

This technology tackles some amount of air pollution but it doesn’t solve the problem of particulates like soot and dirt. This is why air purifiers using PCO Technology also combine other cleaning and filtering technologies. This helps it to build a comprehensive system that can take care of an entire gamut of dirt and pollutants to make your surroundings breathable.


Air pollution has become a big nuisance all around the world, especially in urban metropolitan cities. Most of our population lives in these areas which not only put their lives at risk but also increase the burden on government expenditure through healthcare. Fortunately, the invention of PCO Technology and the ability to use this in air purifies will help us tackle this unwanted menace.