VPN stands for a virtual private network. As the name suggests a VPN or virtual private network provides you a secure and private connection while browsing through the Internet. All your data, traffic, and information is virtually sent through an encrypted tunnel. Using a VPN for your daily browsing has a lot of advantages such as the encryption that it provides makes you almost intractable, your device IP and your location won’t be just available to anyone. Being encrypted also prevents you from vulnerability hacking, phishing, and any other malicious cybercrime up to a huge extent. These were a few benefits of using a VPN to start with. 

VPNs were initially used by big companies, Governmental Organisation in order to prevent their data from being hacked, remain untraceable, and highly secure. However, with the increase in technology and a lot of people getting fussier about their data, history, location, and passwords; VPN became very famous. Today a lot of people are using VPN for the sole purpose of the security it provides.

How does a VPN do all that?

A VPN simply encrypts all the data packets that your Computer is sending to your ISP’s server. Those packets are then re-routed to the servers of the companies providing the VPN service, rather than directly going to the requested website’s server. The VPN servers then de-encrypts those packages and direct those data packets to the requested website’s servers. Simultaneously the data in return from those websites, as requested by the user, come back to the VPN’s servers which then again encrypts them and directs them to the user. When these encrypted packets are received by the user’s system the VPN software present in the system again decrypts them for the user to easily use. Thus even if any hacker or fraudulent tries to gather your information in between, they will only get some encrypted packets that are impossible to decrypt. Along with data security, VPN also provides you anonymity on the internet, for example, website track their user’s demographics for their business purpose, it’s nothing wrong in that. However there are a lot of websites with whom you don’t want to share your location, VPN comes in handy at that time.

Thus, through this mechanism, a VPN provides you the additional and vital security. However,  a lot of people question their necessity. Although a good VPN such as NordVPN is recommended to all, a must use when you are using a public network or a network that you don’t trust much.