Anonymity and vpn services

VPN services are become world renowned for providing exceptional connections which are specially designed to keep you safer from online attacks and hackers. With multiple built in safety and security features there are many hurdles put in place which provide minimal chances for hackers to crack the codes and get in to your personal accounts. 

Some of the best vpn (migliori vpn) service providers do provide high levels of security and other benefits like new IP addresses to get past geoblocked content from streaming websites, but there are still some facts to get your head around.

Privacy and being anonymous

Two elements which sound the same but are in fact very different. Being connected to the Internet via a private connection is great for being able to send encrypted messages to friends and family, and even work colleagues, but any actions being made can actually be seen by the authorities. 

Many arrests have been made over the years by various parties looking in to movements online, even on private connections. Suspicious patterns and behaviours can be picked up on by police and investigators, showing that just because you are on a private network there are still ways that your movements can be seen. The reailty is that as soon as you make a move on the Internet, you are no longer anonymous.

On the same circumstance of having your data being seen from behind the scenes, there is also a danger that vpn service provider employees can also be on the wrong side of the law. They are in the right place to see your data and personal accounts, meaning that if a buyer was on the market, an employee could gather enough of your personal information to pass on and make money on. This is why it is important to do the relevant research before joining up to any vpn service.

IP addresses

Pieces of coding which reveal your location to other parties like streaming sites and other broadcasters, IP addresses generally tell where in the world you are viewing content from.

With a vpn service there is a way of getting access to different IP addresses which make it appear like you are actually in a different location. For example, if you want to watch some Italian shows on a geolocked streaming service, you can join up to a vpn server which is based within the Italian borders so you are allocated an Italian IP address. This meand that you can then watch all the Italian TV shows online that you want.

However, despite the alternate IP address, there are still ways that that particular address can narrow down on you and your actions online. Granted it does take longer with a vpn provided IP address but eventually your anonymity will be broken as the researchers plot their way back to you and the place of origin.

So the truth is that you can be private online, but still maintain high levels of vigilence.