B612 – Best Camera and Video/Photo Editor

A picture is something that helps one cherish memories for life. It is a gateway to one’s past and the only way to relive moments in future. Just like Mehmet Murat said, “Photography is an art of teleporting the past into the future”. With the rapid and evolving world, technology has grown, and social media is obviously one of the largest platforms used by almost everyone in all generations across the globe nowadays despite their age or society. 

Media freedom is accepted by almost most of the states in the world and people do love some time on social media flaunting their photos and also the moments they have experienced. Selfies have taken over the world of photography and many people have mastered the art of selfies on social media nowadays. However, how would any of this be possible without that one extra special camera? Do not worry as android has taken care of that problem as always with this camera app, known to be the best camera app and also the best video and photo editing app you would ever lay your hands on.

Best Beauty Camera for Android

It offers its users a range of features starting with extremely exciting filters for all its users to enhance the quality and effects of their selfies. So, go ahead and click that perfect selfie you always wanted with the new B612 camera and flaunt yourself on social media! It is known that a smile takes you a long way and just a selfie of your smile can make your day and take you a really long way up your self-confidence and esteem. 

This app has made people across the globe feel beautiful about themselves and imagine what that sort of confidence can do to an individual? Feeling good about oneself reduces anxiety, stress levels and gives you levels of confidence you never thought you had and will in turn take you to greater places in life. This is the power of B612 Camera and its unique features. 

Ever wondered how your favourite celebrities captures all of their amazing photos on social media? With B612 Camera you no longer have to wonder because it offers you the best photography experience you always longed for. Its features and tools let you edit your photos and videos to make them much more interesting and exciting. You can now transform your pictures into mesmerising moments that will be cherished for a lifetime indeed. 


You can finally get rid of all the makeup hassle you go through on a daily basis just to look good in your selfies! With B612 Camera you can now assure to have an all fun and exciting feed on all your social media platforms! This is the better camera app you can install on your phone.