Benefits of GPS Tracking in Emergency Service Vehicles

GPS trackers offer a host of benefits to a wide variety of businesses, but without question those who benefit most from having a GPS tracker installed on their vehicles is the emergency services. Tracking devices are currently used in all emergency services and are vital in ensuring that the police, ambulance and fire services can perform their jobs to the best of their ability. The use of high end tracking solutions for the emergency services is essential and they provide a number of benefits:

Speed of Arrival

The key to any emergency system is making sure that individuals arrive in the quickest possible time and in those situations every second counts. Whether a fire breaks out, someone suffers a heart attack or there is a hostile situation, the emergency services must be able to get to the scene as quickly as possible. GPS trackers are used in this regard to offer real time map information giving the services the quickest routes possible.

Ambulance Monitoring

It is not just the arrival time which is important for ambulances, hospitals also need to know the ETA of the ambulance so that they can prepare for the patient. Ambulances and paramedics are there to save lives in the moment, but they are restricted as to how much they can do. In situations where an emergency hospital team is required, dispatchers can track the ambulance to see exactly when it will be arriving and to ensure that the hospital staff are ready.

Police Support

Very often police and firefighters require backup to keep themselves safe in troublesome situations, and backup needs to get to the location as quickly as possible. Once again, GPS trackers can help in this situation as they allow for locations to be provided quickly, so that support can be dispatched to a certain location in a timely fashion.

Closest Location

Something which GPS devices have really helped to improve on is the allocation of services for an emergency. For help to arrive quickly it makes the most sense to alert the closest emergency service to the scene. GPS tracking identifies the closest team of policemen, paramedics or firefighters to where the call has been made from.

Vehicle Care

Whilst the emergency service vehicles are designed to drive at a high speed, it is important that money is not spent unnecessarily on the upkeep and repair of the vehicles. The data which some GPS trackers can provide includes braking harshness, acceleration levels, average speed and gear control. Using this information these services can ensure that vehicles are being driven properly during non-emergency situations, reducing wear and tear.

Personal Use

For everyday individuals, a GPS tracker for car can also be helpful in signaling emergency services as these devices can provide an exact location of a vehicle. Meaning that if you have an accident or suffer a health issue when driving, then finding you after someone calls the emergency services is quite easy. It also means that a partner or family can keep an eye on your driving especially if you are driving for long periods or late at night to make sure you are safe.

The benefits of GPS trackers for emergency situations is undeniable, however many of these benefits are also translatable to a number of other businesses. Look into GPS trackers for yourself and find out how it can benefit you and your business.