Best practices for Website design

1. Keep Branding Consistent

Any website that lacks consistency why branding often leads to confusion. there are many examples of brand websites whose content is difficult to understand. In a b2c and B2B website design always keep the branding consistent throughout the site. From colours to image to icons to topography and videos make it consistent. Visit the website to check out the branding consistency.

2. Create Strong CTA’s

A very strong call to action is essential while creating a website. It is essential that a strong CTA must be included in B2B web design to make it flourish. One must also position them in the right places of the layout so that the customers can relate with it.

3. Fast landing time

Any website design is considered to be appropriate and viable when you see its landing time. Today every website that exist wants the customers to reach their website within seconds. The landing time can be faster if the website has lesser images or smaller images and zero cache which makes the page loading quicker.

4. SEO- Search engine optimisation

SEO in today’s time is the most effective website design practice that can increase the amount of visitors to your website and also show help the website reach highest ranking in the search engine page. There are certain SEO tools that can be used to place your website on the top and gain maximum viewers.

5. Mobile Friendly

Mobile phones have become an easy way to access plenty of things in general. It is important to create such website design that is effectively accessible on mobile phones as well. People usually prefer checking out websites even while they travelling and when they cannot really access laptop or desktop. so If your website design is mobile friendly then that website is considered great. 

6. Easy Navigation

One must design website that has minimal navigation for example navigation from menu bar to 4-6 other options. Websites with many navigation can lose customers because nobody really wants to spend time searching for things. It is important that the loading time is also minimal or the customer might lose interest. Also consider to keep some search bars which makes the searching easy on the website.

7. Social media.
Today’s world is controlled by maximum social media and the same goes while designing a website. If you can link your social media accounts anywhere in the website then that can be a brownie point in your website. Keep the social media icons on the website that will directly take them to the platform to reduce the web traffic on the website.