Best spy software for WhatsApp-TheOneSpy

The level of communication has become a state of the art over the last decade. Nowadays, we have cellphone devices connected to the internet and have provided communication services for the next level. The instant messengers are the biggest invention of the current decade. WhatsApp is these days one of the top-rated instant messenger.

You can see this social messaging app on everyone’s mobile phone that tells the story. It has more than 1.5 billion active users. Moreover, this instant messaging app chat had approximately 68 million users lonely in the United States.

Therefore, people want to find spying apps that enable them to track the social messaging app. Today, I am going to recommend you tracking software that is only one of its kinds in the following.

Why TheOneSpy is the best spy app for WhatsApp?

The typical surveillance apps for cell phones or social media apps have their prerequisites of rooting the device and stuff like that. However, when it comes to cell phone tracking app you don’t need to root the device and you will get the features. Most of the people who want to monitor instant messaging app like WhatsApp have given up their aims.

On the other hand, apps on the web are only restricted to chats and media. However, I am going to tell you TheOneSpy mobile monitoring app is the well-tested application that empowers you to get every single activity to happen on the target device installed social messaging app.

Now the question arises how you can get your hands on it and don’t worry I am here to guide about every aspect of this great invention.

How to get TheOneSpy WhatsApp spying app?

Do you want to get your hands spy software for WhatsApp? You are at the right place at the right time. You just need to follow few steps mentioned below. These steps will guide you and tell how to use it and what makes it the best in the business.

Step1: subscribe for cell phone monitoring software

First and foremost you have to visit the web browser on the cellphone. Now go to the webpage of the cell phone surveillance software for social messaging app. get the subscription and check the email credentials by logging in to email inbox.

Step2: Get Physical access to the target mobile

Now all require only getting access to the target mobile device and starting the process of installation after getting the physical access. End up with the process of installation and rapidly activate it on the target device.

Step3: Use Credentials & get access to the web portal

You can activate your web control panel account and you have the credentials that you have received via email. Use the password and login ID and get access to the web control panel. Go to the features TheOneSpy is packed with.

Use TheOneSpy spying software for WhatsApp features

WhatsApp logs

Log in to the online dashboard initially and further visit the IM’s logs tool. Tap on it and it will start delivering you the logs of all the instant messaging apps installed on the target device including WhatsApp social messaging app. Users can get the logs of text messages, text chats, audio-video conversations, shared photos, videos and Voice messages with a complete time stamp.

Screen recording

You can use your web portal account login to it and then visit the available powerful tools and tap on-screen recorder app. It certainly starts recording short videos of the screen active with WhatsApp back to back and the send the data of the recorded videos to your web portal account. Now you can see all live recorded videos of the instant messaging app. Users will get to know what is happening on the social messaging app.

Capture Screenshots

Remotely capture screenshots of target cellphones at the time the target person is using WhatsApp. You can send multiple commands to make screenshots to get to know about more activities happening on the social app.

Keystrokes recorder

Users can get all the keystrokes applied on someone’s WhatsApp account running on the target phone. Moreover, you can get password keystrokes, messenger and messages keystrokes.


TheOneSpy is the best mobile tracking app that empowers you to bet your hands on the best WhatsApp spying app tools.