Black Hat SEO Techniques You Need To Stay Away From

Not so many people have been able to understand how SEO works entirely. While that may be the case, it shouldn’t be the reason why you do it wrong. Already, there are clear rules and policies on different SEO practices. Such policies are there to ensure that SEO provides a fair, safe, and relevant environment for both the webmasters and users.

Some people, however, still try to use black hat SEO practices to manipulate Google. Their days are numbered. Do not fall victim of such practices unknowingly. If you are new to SEO and you have just made your site go live with the help of tell media web design, the next thing you need to do is research about SEO to understand how it works.

Here is some information that will help you steer clear of the dark side of SEO.

  1. Keyword stuffing

Do not let anyone lie to you; keyword stuffing no longer works. Well, it used to in the past, but it cannot give you the results you are looking for. Keyword stuffing refers to the act of using the same keywords several times on a page to increase the keyword density even if the keywords are irrelevant. Search engines are on the lookout for such black hat techniques and can no longer be manipulated to give an undeserving rank.

Instead of focusing on this technique, dedicate yourself to using keywords that will improve the visitor’s user experience.

  1. Duplicating content

Avoid posting the same content that a different site is working with. By definition, it is a copy and paste content creation technique. As much as your site may not be banned from a search engine, posting duplicate content is a waste of time. It only confuses the crawlers, and as a result, you will end up not being indexed. If you are not indexed, no one will find you using the search engines.

You should embrace white hat techniques such as the creation of original and unique content.

  1. Article spinning

It works more or less the same way duplicate content does. Article spinning is designed to make plagiarism undetectable. It is done using software that paraphrases the wording. Cutting down plagiarism detection does not make your content original or unique.

  1. Buying links

Link building is essential in SEO. However, it can be time-consuming as it takes a lot of time hunting down relevant sites to link to and working with other webmasters in creating links.  As a result, people prefer to buy links as it is less strenuous. What they don’t realize is that the quality of the content you are linking to is not considered. This means that the bought links will not bring you desirable results.

As much as using black hat techniques may not lead to your site being banned, it will definitely affect your SEO. The chance is high that you will get penalized and end up with a low website ranking.