Buying a rack server? 5 Imp tips to consider while buying!

Startups are growing their reach at a staggering pace nowadays. With a considerable number of new opportunities, startups are researching new strategies to construct a business and expand . In the present generation, technology-driven and modeled businesses will likely flourish and compete.

Technology facilitation contains servers along with cloud storage to be the main drivers. That’s exactly why it is now of utmost importance for all startups to select the perfect server to their company.

  1. Selection of the Ideal Operating System

The operating system plays a major part in almost any server. Startups and their CEOs need to think about the kind of applications they wish to use for their own system. Relating to the development, applications, programs, and projects, the optimal Running system ought to be chosen so.

Depending on that an Operating system can be chosen as it might be among the Microsoft Platform Packages or Red Hat Linux Compilations. This decision ought to be the first decision whilst surfing the ideal server for your startup.

  1. RAM and Memory Ability

The following decision should be seeing your storage and memory. As for Standalone testing environments, 4GB of RAM may be OK. But, it is preferred to have an upgrade of RAM to ease higher Up-time and functionality.

You may also find default storage of 32 GB of RAM in-built with certain Linux along with Microsoft OS. It is highly advisable to feed your server with additional storage and memory capacity to keep your resources billed up for future prospects too. Storage Capabilities

  1. RAID

You ought to be certain that your host is nicely equipped with greater storage capabilities having RAID along with SSD hard drives. Your server storage should completely suit your project requirements. It is highly suggested to have servers using RAID and SSD acts as it brings in extra performance advantages . Quality Processing Power

  1. CPU

Your server should have the ideal processing ability to ensure maximum uptime along with functionality . You ought to choose the cover of the line chips for your CPU to handle your information at an unbelievable speed and also to make the total functionality efficient. Server’s Physical Works


There are generally three kinds of differently shaped servers. Blade servers are lean servers that require chassis to work. Tower servers are those rugged Desktop PC tower appearing servers along with rack servers that are rack-mounted on server packs. Recognizing your physical area and compatibility, you can make a determination between the three accordingly.


Choosing the very best server for your startup may be a tiny hustle but if the appropriate points and measures are considered prior to purchasing, your startup may end up having the best performing server. The above 5 points would be the most crucial points or measures to take into account before purchasing a machine for the startup.

You should understand your needs and so set the pursuits for your servers taking under account the above five points. You can also contact Serverstack to get the perfect guidance on your startup’s host. Serverstack has been among the industry leaders in this field and provides the finest services possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Cloud storage function?

With cloud storage, the files and data you will need are placed on highly protected remote systems stored in a provider’s facility instead of on your computer’s hard drive or domain. Internet access enables you to connect your computer or device to the distant cloud option to recover what you require. How is the Cloud backed up?

That is based upon the Cloud system you have set up along with your supplier’s capabilities. Different providers offer different approaches to safeguard their systems. It is imperative that you consider the risks associated with the possible loss of these Cloud solutions and make sure that the provider you select has the perfect components in place to meet your distinctive risk reduction requirements.