Cable Broadband, Satellite Broadcast Media Or IPTV Technology – Which Is Better and Why?

The IPTV technology first appeared in 1995 and it uses the Internet Protocol (IP) to perform its functions. On the flip side, the cable and satellite broadcast media use the geostationary satellites to send signals to satellites on the Earth’s Surface. We are not aware of the complicated tools and technologies required for the set up of these machines that are providing us with pleasure and entertainment. But we do understand our own benefit. We have always preferred things that are cost efficient and more flexible. Similarly, IPTV Technology has proven itself as the better alternative to cable broadband and satellite broadcast media.

IPTV can be used anywhere anytime

IPTV is such a technology that uses just an internet connection for displaying videos to the people. A person can select and watch whatever he wants to. Also, people can use any devices such as android mobile phones, LCD, laptop, computer, and TV to see their favorite channels and shows on an iptv subscription. While these facilities are not available in case of cable and satellite broadcast media. People have to sit in their houses to watch their favorite movies or serials. With IPTV they can see whatever they wish to.

IPTV Technology is cost efficient

One just needs a high internet connection in his home to watch their favorite TV serials. The video quality is high as compared to cable and satellite TV. You don’t even need to buy a TV set to entertain yourself. One can connect the internet to his mobile phone and watch a movie. Whereas the traditional TVs require a local cable connection or set a satellite dish on the rooftop. The whole set up requires a lot of money.

 Weather conditions do not affect the quality

During bad weather conditions IPTV continues to provide with better picture quality. Whereas, satellite broadcast media often loses its connection and stops working.

Hence, with other such advantages IPTV Technology can be considered as the better alternative to cable broadband and satellite broadcast media.