Can Xecuter SX Pro Hack Nintendo Switch Lite for free games ?

The Nintendo Switch Lite is announced, so can it be cracked by an SX PRO Switch or an exploit atmosphere ? Can we hack the Switch Lite to enjoy free games downloaded?

SX PRO hack Switch Lite

Now the Nintendo Switch Lite is not available, so we do not know more details for this new console. But the Xecuter SX PRO supports cracker Nintendo Switch Lite?

What is the Xecuter SX PRO for?

The SX PRO is a flashcart that can help you play free Switch games thanks to its components (RCM JIG, USB dongle, and OS software license). That is, we can crack the Switch in newer version 8.1.0 without problem. And it is not necessary to take a purchase of the original cartridge.

Among its main features, we find:

  • Compatibility: The Xecuter SX Pro is not only compatible with all regions but also with all firmware. It thus ensures a great diversity of use.
  • The change of game: the Xecuter SX Pro allows a change of game in real time.

To use it, the Xecuter team explains in detail the procedure to follow. Here’s a summary of what you should do to get the Xecuter SX Pro to work on your game console:

  1. Before connecting the USB dongle of your Xecuter SX Pro, it will first turn off your console.
  2. Once the USB dongle is plugged into the Type C interface, the RCM JIG must be attached to the right joy-con rail.
  3. You will then click on the power button and volume button at the same time so that your console can enter the RCM mode.
  4. A logo and an SX menu will be displayed, you will be able to choose the SX option.
  5. Remove the USB dongle and the RCM JIG and insert the joy-con into the console.

Nintendo Switch Lite hack possible?

Now the Xecuter SX PRO or the SX OS do not support the Switch Lite hack. These products are the means to hack the Switch.

And we guess since the Joy-Cons can not go out, we can not use RCM Jigs with them. So it’s harder to crack the Nintendo Switch Lite. In any case, the operation of the RCM would not be vulnerable.

Nintendo did a very good job of security on the Switch. You should assume that it will take a long time before it gets hacked. There are other players who have guessed that it will have a hardmod hack, or we can crack the code of the Switch Lite. However, we do not know more for that.

But according to newer news, Ipatched units are also becoming Hackable, recently released PegaScape. This exploit is only compatible with the Switch version 2.0.0-3.0.0, 4.0.0 and 4.1.0. Which means that to grab PegaSwitch and run CFWs like Atmosphere on your ipatched switch, you can hack the console to play free games and homebrew finally!

PegaScape, a program used to reboot an unconnected Switch console on CFW / emuMMC, has been updated with support for version 4.0.0 / 4.1.0 with Caffeine, which allows you to start Atmosphere on systems ipatched for the first time! This version is an update of the Caffeine (de lieurvehc / deer) exploit, a Warmboot Déjà Vu (SciresM) exploit, which means that it does not use the vulnerabilities of Switch’s RCM mode, but the ones found in Horizon OS.

So, we have to wait for more news for the Switch Lite hack. And if you have a Switch console, then a Xecuter SX PRO or an SX OS license will be your choice. The website supports the payment of Paypal, and we support free shipping.