Choosing a Webcam – What to Keep In Mind?


If you are using a laptop or a desktop, then one of the tools you should have is a webcam. It provides video communication on the internet. As technology continues to progress, more and more tools for video conferencing are launched almost every month, and this includes webcams. Logitech Group Kenya is one of the leading manufacturers of technology tools and essentials such as webcams. 


When designing webcams, they take into consideration these important things:


  • Matrix – The CCD-matrix is one of the tops of the lines as it provides a low noise level and recognizes faces. If you are looking after for a higher quality video, then a webcam with a CCD-matrix won’t disappoint. 
  • Resolution This feature defines the quality of the image.  For standard conferences, a webcam with 320×240 resolutions is good enough. For video recording, you have to go for a higher resolution (640×480). If you are going to take large-scale pictures, then the best resolution would be 1280×960.
  • Frames per second – The rule of thumb when checking the frames per second is that the higher the FPS the smoother and more visually appealing the image will be.
  • Mounting options – You have to take into consideration as to where you are going to place the webcam. Will you mount it on your desktop? Are you going to pin it on your monitor? Are you going to suspend it, which is especially helpful when taking surveillance videos?
  • Connection options – The majority of webcam models you can find today are equipped with USB connection (2.0/3.0). If you are using a desktop computer, you have to measure the cable to make sure that you won’t have a problem connecting the webcam to your monitor. Other modes of connections include Bluetooth and WiFi, although they are not widespread.