Connect With People around You Using IamHere App

Do you know people around you who have a personality similar to yours?

All of us have a personality which is entirely different from the others. Our personality becomes the advocate of our activities. At times, it becomes hard to find people having the same personality or people who can truly understand us.  In such a scenario, Iamhere app has come out to be a savior. With the help of Iamhere app, it is now possible to get in touch with the ones who have a personality similar to yours. Not only do you get to know people with hobbies or professions similar to you, but Iamhere app also gives you a platform to come out of your loneliness and make true friends. 

Get involved in local choruses.

  • With Iamhere app, you get a platform where you can share the details of all the ongoing events in your neighborhood and also get information regarding the same. 
  • You can advertise even about trips being organized by you or your group. 
  • You can share your experiences with the local businesses and companies so that people are aware of the pros and cons of those businesses. 
  • You can also advertise your local business or brand or company or organization or community through our app. We provide such services that you can get your business acknowledged by the local people. 
  • You can even advertise your shops and restaurants using our apps be it based on the local level. 
  • Getting involved in local gatherings has also been made possible through our app. 


Make your hobby your profession.

There are multiple skills in a single person. It can be designing, stitching, crafting, tutoring, logo designers, website developer, photographer, app developer, article writer, blog writer, content writer, data entry, typist, web designer, dog walker, gardening, farming, painting, babysitting etc. People search for someone near them who can perform these activities on individual basis. These hobbies of yours can find a way to get you an earning. These part time jobs are highly required by the people and they look out for those who are the residents of the same locality. Not only this, Iamhere app has the option to put more than one skill in the description. This makes the work easier for you as you will get more opportunities to choose from. More opportunities mean more exposure and more experience. These experiences can be notably useful for your own personal growth in a number of ways. Your personality or skill demands to be publicized. This can be done in a number of ways and with Iamhere app; you can get yourself noticed easily.