Convert TIFF to JPG: 5 Free Programs for Windows

Today we will see the best 5 free programs to convert TIFF to JPG: these are very important resources for those who would like to convert to multipage files in a simple and direct way, without wasting too much time. In addition, many of this software also allow you to perform a multiple conversion of multiple TIFF files, as well as a series of extra features, such as rotation, conversion of single pages and many other very interesting goodies. So let’s see what are the most interesting programs.

1. TIFFsyTurvy

The first free program to convert TIFF to JPG from our list is TIFFsyTurvy. It is a light portable software that does not require any installation on the PC, which will allow you to convert TIFF files to JPG, even in the case of, particularly large dimensions. In addition, you can also take advantage of additional options such as rotation of files from different angles, and the ability to work on the TIFF file directly from the program interface. Finally, to underline the possibility of viewing the files in the form of thumbnails, which speeds up the editing operations.

2. AnyConv

AnyConv is one of our favorite programs in the field of converting TIFF to JPG. The reason? Thanks to this application you can count on a very fast conversion phase, even if you intend to convert very heavy TIFF files with a large number of pages. Another very interesting feature, then, is the ability to set the conversion quality and also the compression levels, which are totally adjustable and customizable. Finally, AnyConv is also very simple to use, due to a truly intuitive interface.

3. JoseTifSplit

JoseTifSplit is also an excellent program for converting TIFF to JPG. The reason is due to the fact that this software is also quite fast when it comes to converting very large files: unfortunately, this operation is allowed only for one file at a time, but everything is balanced by a conversion speed that only takes a few seconds. These features, therefore, make this program an ideal choice for anyone who needs to convert a single TIFF file to JPG: there are no extra options, and it is very easy to use.

4. YS TIFF Converter

YS TIFF Converter is another very useful program for this need, because it allows you to convert not only entire files, but also individual pages of TIFF files. Unfortunately, even in this case, operations can only be carried out for one file at a time: on the other hand, you can also enjoy an interface with a preview of the file, so that you can evaluate the result of the conversion in advance. This feature is very important, as it also transforms this program into a simple TIFF file reader if necessary: ​​something that not all software of this kind allows.

5. KigoImage Converter

We choose to close our article on free programs to convert TIFF to JPG with Kigo Image Converter. The strong point of this software is the possibility of mass converting many TIFF files, also setting the compression levels of the output file. Furthermore, to underline the possibility of inserting a watermark in the text, which you can fill in with custom fonts. Unfortunately, this program has one big flaw: it only converts the first page of each of the selected TIFF files, so it cannot be used to convert multipage TIFF files.