By the name itself you can understand the above app is related to the cash or money. Yes, the main task is sending coins.

So, by using the crescent Cash app you could send your own coins to another cash account. And apart from that the user could send crescent cash with the bitcoin cash address. There are more other apps for the above purpose. But I am sure that you can’t find any other app that implies the significant features of the above crescent cash app.

Now you have an idea about the given crescent cash apk. The crescent Cash apk is about 9MB sized app. Plus in order to use the above app you have to be with a device along with android version 6.0 and the upwards. The above apk can be categories as a finance application.By the above I told you all the facts what you want. You can download this app from AC Market too. AC Market is also like play store.


Features of the crescent apk

  • Can use with many other devices.
    The all mobile devices and others are compatible with the crescent app.
  • Simple usage.
    There are no many advanced features including in here. Therefore, you can perform your work simply.
  • Safety.
    You have to be very safe. Because the app works for the cash. Cash is one thing that we have to protect without being theft. In that part you need not worry about the security of the apk. It is fully secured.
  • Trustless app for the users.
  • The app can be introduced as a non-custodial wallet.
  • The users only need a username and a bitcoin cash address.
  • The working procedure of the apk is very quick.
  • The app is along with a simple and nice interface.

so, the above all are the existed features or the given crescent cash apk. But apart from those some new features have added. Below listed added with new updates.

  • The problems related to the UI have fixed now.
  • Some minor improvements can be seen.
  • Supportive to the BIP70 SLP payments.
  • The Spanish translations have added too.

The above all are the necessary details of the crescent Cash app. I think the above details will be more useful for you in the future.The above crescent cash is rated for the 3+. And there are some ads contained in the apk. But don’t worry, you won’t be interrupted by those. Even you could use the app for free here. As I told in the above there is no harmful outcome by using the above app. So, the app is fully secured. Therefore, use the above app for the sending of your cash.