It may sound strange that the word ‘Drip-feed’ is used while doing business for SMM panels. This term comes across while placing an order on SMM panels.  Those new in the field of SMM panel reselling might have questions regarding the Drip-feed feature. 

To explain in simple terms, Drip feed is a tool that allows the same order to be placed multiple times.  With the drip-feed option, there is no need to renew the order again and again. To illustrate, suppose 1000 likes on an Instagram post are needed.  Instead of all 1000 likes appearing straight away, a steady increase of 100 likes every 5 minutes and so on is accomplished.   So, in short, the Drip-feed feature allows the order to be divided into several smaller ones and will be processed automatically without any manual interference. It’s like placing one order for 100 likes which will be regular, instead of placing 10 orders for 100 likes.  The drip-feed feature splits likes, followers, and views for the same video or account into smaller and regular parts. Also see: smm reseller panel

Is the drip-feed a helpful feature?

Yes, it is advantageous indeed. Especially when it comes to building up social media engagement.  The drip-feed feature helps to give the desired speed and imitates an organic growth of the social media accounts.  So, it pretty much provides what the customer needs.

Since the growth is done at a regular and preferred speed, the reputation of social media accounts is not damaged.  Nowadays, social media platforms have strict rules when it comes to engagement on specific posts. The drip-feed feature ensures conformity to these rules.

Another helpful feature of the Drip-feed is that the growth of the social media account is made to sound credible science the growth is gradual. Therefore, suspicions and doubts are erased.

The drip-feed feature is handy when a more extensive package needs to be delivered over a long period. By choosing Drip-feed, the engagement on social media can be controlled at your desired speed.


While going for the Drip-feed feature, it is vital to check with the experts in the industry.  These experts with experience can give the proper guidance so that hope does not lead to disappointment.  Unfortunately, the drip-feed feature does not work with “Mass Order.”


  1.  Can the orders be split or drip-feed done for many days?

Yes, the orders can be split, drip-feed, or scheduled as per your requirement for many days.

  1.  How does the drip-feed script work?

The script for the drip-feed is built with the individual needs of the customer in mind.   The service can be converted into a drip-feed service with just a single click.  It is that simple and easy.

  1.  What details are needed before a Drip-feed order be placed?

Details such as the Drip-feed box Runs, number of times the order is to be sent, the interval, the pause time between runs, etc.  needs to be clear before placing an order for Drip-feed


Mentioned above are just a few benefits of using the Drip-feed feature while conducting business for SMM panels.   Because of these and other related advantages, many customers appreciate the Drip-feed feature, which is proof of its popularity.