Effective Link Building Services for E-Commerce

Backlinks are one of the most important ranking factors out there. Link building is a challenge for many businesses, but this can be especially true for e-commerce businesses. E-commerce businesses, smaller ones, in particular, have a huge amount of competition. If you want to help boost your ecommerce business, link building is something you need to commit to more. 

Getting backlinks takes a lot of work, but this is something any business can get help with. Link building services can save you the time and effort of having to do this task by yourself. 

Here’s how you can get more backlinks as an e-commerce business with link building services. 

Create Informative Content

An area where many e-commerce businesses are lacking is the content on their websites. While they may have many product pages, these might not get many links. You need valuable, informative content if you want to get better at link building. Other websites often want to link to pages that will provide something to their users, so you have to have pages that fit this need to earn more backlinks. You can create content based on whatever your business’s niche is. Not only will this be good for link building, but users on your website will also find it helpful and could help persuade them to make a purchase.

Study Your Competitors

Knowing what your competitors are doing is crucial to improving your business in any way. If you don’t have many backlinks, there’s a good chance that many of your competitors do. These businesses are doing something right that you aren’t, so you need to look to them to see where you’re going wrong. You can track what websites are linking to your competitor’s pages that are similar to yours. If you can provide more value to websites linking to your competitors, you may even be able to reach out to them for link building.

Find Unlinked Mentions

You could be missing out on opportunities that you aren’t even aware of if you have unlinked mentions. These are other websites that are referencing your e-commerce business but haven’t provided a link to you. In these cases, most of the work is already done. You’ve made a positive impression on someone already to get mentioned- now you only need them to link back to one of your pages. Monitoring brand mentions and reaching out to those who don’t provide a link to your website is a great way of asking for links from people who are likely to do so. 

Work With Influencers

If you’re an e-commerce business that isn’t building relationships with influencers in your niche, you could be seriously missing out. Influencers with a strong following are a great resource when it comes to gaining backlinks. If you have a product that influencers can mention to their followers, you want to reach out to them and see if you can work together. People are also likely to trust the recommendations of an influencer they know and trust already. You might even know who the reliable influencers within your industry are who would be ideal to work with.