Expediting Your Data Protection Learning

With the fast evolution of digitalisation and technology, participation in training like PDPA training has become increasingly important so working professionals can continue updating their skills to keep up with the latest trends. Typically, the recognition skill or knowledge in a professional field will require certification by an accreditation body.

For instance, professionals who want to participate in PDPA training or upgrade their skills are discovering that if they have been a practitioner in the field, self-study or self-learning programmes is an option that’s available for them. Such programmes are extensively practiced in professions like financial planning, accountancy, audit, and even IT.

Several educational institutions including Yale, Harvard, and the SMU Academy are offering certifications and online courses. This kind of setup will enable the students to possess a basic level of knowledge and paves the way for more meaningful discussions to help hasten the learning curve.

Enticing Benefits of Self-Learning

Self-learning can be a great way to be certified professionally and can offer the following advantages:

  • Option to choose pace of study – You have the choice to study at a pace you are comfortable with. You can also approach and tailor it based on your experience, knowledge level, and to your own needs.
  • Less stress from peers – You have the option to do the course with your peers or on your own. If the idea of studying with peers in a “competitive environment” is not to your liking, studying on your own can be a great alternative.
  • Not constrained by time or space – If you are doing a self-study program, you can do it in the comfort of your own home and at a time convenient for you.
  • Less expense – Typically, self-study programs are less expensive compared to other training options.
  • Responsive to changes – In technology and risk management, the processes evolve quickly and laws are constantly amended to protect the interests of people better. It makes sense for professionals to constantly upgrade their skills and knowledge to keep up with the changes in risk management and compliance, governance, and data protection as this can affect the responsibilities and roles they hold and the operations of the companies.

Undeniably, there is better flexibility in the way you can plan your study schedule. This also gives you the opportunity to balance personal life, work, and engagement in self-improvement activities.

Requirements of Self-Learning

You need to have a clear objective or purpose when you do a self-learning program. You also need to evaluate if it is suitable based on your familiarity with the subject and its nature. You need to also source for a reliable provider of the self-learning program and check if the certification is internationally recognised or otherwise. 

Considering the nature of self-learning, it is also ideal for you to have a platform (i.e., forums) where you can ask questions, get answers from experts in the field, or discuss things with like-minded people. This setup can help accelerate your learning curve and help warrant you are on the right path.

At all times, you need to stay focused on your objectives and maintain a high level of self-discipline. You need to also meticulously plan and create a study schedule that fits your learning needs.