Features Of The Best Video Converter

Facebook is an absolute treasure trove of some of the best quality video content available. Sadly, the Facebook website and app do not permit users to download videos directly anymore. The best way to enjoy these videos is to download them into your device and view them later on. You can download any Facebook video by using the Fastvid online FB video downloader and converter. Here are some of the features offered by the best video downloaders and converters online. You will find that the Fastvid Facebook video saver also provides all these features and functionalities.

  1. Easy to use: Utility apps like FB videos downloader apps are easy to use. For example, all you need to do to download videos through the Fastvid app is to copy-paste the video URL in the app’s link box. You can also share the video externally to the app or log in to directly download Facebook page videos from within the app.
  2. mp4 format: The best video downloaders and converters also allow users to convert and save their videos in the mp4 format. The mp4 format is the best file format for saving video files because of its high device and player compatibility, small file size, and superb video quality. Fastvid will allow you to convert all downloaded videos to the mp4 format.
  3. Convenient: If you cannot access the app, then you can access the Fastvid website for easy and convenient FB video download online.

These are the main features offered by the best video downloaders and converters.