Finally Clean Android phone for better performance

This is best tool to keep your phone run fast and keep battery at optimum usage. There are lots of apps that can boost performance, gain more battery time, clean storage and more. But those apps will fail to keep that performance and battery time with use. Finally clean is like Clean Master that provide auto cleaning procedure to auto optimize device.

Slowing down of Android phones and unable to take a photo or to install new apps due to low storage are common problems faced. If you are unable to buy new phone or your new phone is already slow, you can use cleaning tools like “Finally Clean”. Those tools are designed to gain more performance out of your mid-range or low-end phones. Don’t buy those tools. Because most effective and powerful phone cleaners are available for free. You can download them from play store. If this app not available on play store, you can use any third-party app store like AC Market or Aptoide.

Features of “Finally Clean”

There are lots of features are bundle with cleaning tools like “Finally Clean”. Below listed some of the main features that you may interested.

Remove Junk Files – This application and detect all the junk available. Removing junks files may include residuals from system updates, residuals from app updates, image thumbnails, downloaded apk files, caches, and more. Removing junks helps you to gain storage space without deleting images, videos and apps.

Provide More Storage – As I mention above, cleaning junks too can gain more storage space. Apart from that there are many ways to free storage. You can remove unused apps including pre-installed apps (Apps already come installed when you buy). You can remove duplicate files, app backups, and files from chat groups and etc.

Phone Cooler – Why phone get hot? Major reason is the CPU. When CPU workload increases, it gets hotter and dissipate its heat from phone body. That’s why you feel heat from the phone. Using this feature, you can reduce or block processers to reduce CPU workload. Reduced CPU workload will dissipate less heat from CPU.

App Manager – App manager allows you to uninstall apps. Apart from that it shows size of each individual app and other required information. So, you can decide which app to remove in order to gain more storage.

Save Battery Life – This feature helps to have more battery time. There are lots of background processers that drain battery power even without using the phone. Hibernate those processers will increase battery time. You can also block power intensive processers that are no longer necessary to save battery.

Cleaning tools are more useful for phones, tabs and Android TV. Android TV boxes does not come with much storage space and processing power. You can use Cleaning tools like this to get most out of the TV box. Use Filelinked to installed desired apk files on any TV box including Mi BOX, Skystream, Shield TV and Firestick. For more visit: