Find emails: unusual ways to find an exact email address

There are available ways to find an email address outside of paid services or the limited capabilities of free versions of business accounts. Searching with free services was discussed in detail in a large publication by Reply specialists. They included in the list of available to all users and free find emails, search capabilities of the most popular search engines and applications. We will focus on other options that are not described in the publication.

Search with DuckDuckGo and Yahoo!

It’s straightforward. To find the email address, you can flip through all the pages of the official website or study the content on the brand’s social networking account. It’s much easier and faster to search with DuckDuckGo or Yahoo! A query in the form of may offer many relevant addresses. This method of “mining” addresses is ideal:

  • if you need direct access to a company’s public addresses;
  • there aren’t many resources available for data mining;
  • email is needed for official business correspondence.

The time to form such a search query is minimal, and the efficiency is quite high.

If you know the employee’s first or last name, you can also include it in your search query. This will help narrow down the search and offer the exact address. This approach is most convenient for finding the email address of the company’s public persons who use corporate email for their work. But it is unlikely to help you find a reliable private email address for an individual.

In one click: subscribing to the site’s newsletter

Another easy way to get a free email address is to sign up for the company website newsletter. A letter from the corporate email address will come in response. Even if the newsletter comes from the general info@ address, you can try to respond to one of the newsletters:

  • share an opinion;
  • to ask a meaningful question;
  • to clarify data.

The answer to such a letter can be received from another email address – a specific department or specialist of the company. This can help build a trusting relationship with potential clients and give you a better chance of getting personal email addresses in the future.

In addition to the ways described above, there is the simplest, but “analog” way – you can try to get a business card of the employee or a brochure for business contacts. Such documents necessarily include working information for a dialogue via e-mail.