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All the letters (or all the characters) are made up of these fundamental elements, but their thickness (called “fat”), their shape and their height influence whether the characters belong to a “family” or to a type of font. You can choose the fonts generator there.

Serif fonts are the most classic and oldest fonts

They owe their name to the small feet at the top and bottom of the characters. The history of serif typefaces dates back to the Romans who left a brushstroke on the top and bottom when they completed the writing gesture, creating what today we call serifs. Serif fonts were in fashion from the 15th to the 18th century. Within this category alone there are a bunch of sub-classifications(the humans, the garaldes, the reals and the didones, among others). While an amateur would say they are all the same, a typography geek would be able to explain how the subtle differences between the fat, the height of the ascents, and the shape of the wheelbase itself give clues to the origin of the creation of each font.

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  • When you want to design a logo, choosing the right font is like choosing the right color to paint your house. You want to do it right, because this new color will refresh the look of your home and say a lot about the people who live there. When the paint peels off, we think the house is neglected. Conversely, vibrant and fresh colors are proof of a well-maintained home.
  • Typography is the way of writing with different types of letters and calligraphy. This is especially important when it comes to advertising, marketing, design, art and many other activities in which the visual is essential to attract or generate different reactions from the public.

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Typography is an art, a form of design that is used to express different sensations, styles, etc. with different forms of letters and drawings . Typography exists from the very moment that the human being invents writing since we find different forms and letters in Antiquity that varied according to who wrote, the region, the usefulness of that written document, etc. However, nowadays and especially in the last decades of the 20th century, typography as art has developed in a much more systematic way, which tells us of its importance in the world of design, of art.

The word typography comes from the Greek, the language in which types means stroke and graphos write, writing. This means that typography is a way of writing with different traces, styles and designs and this is clearly and clearly visible today in advertising, marketing, graphic design, art, all activities in which The visual is very heavy and different ways of writing a word, with thinner or thicker strokes, with letters chained together, with loose and simple letters, with serif or without serif, etc. they generate different sensations in the one who observes them.