FPS games you could play with an E girl

Fps games are pretty much one of the biggest genres of games today. There are thousands of them out there, big and small. The first dating back all the way to the 1970s, believe it or not. It is said that the very first fps game was Maze War which was developed in 1973.

If you look at it, it almost seems like it’s not even a game. It’s amazing how far FPS games have come when you compare the newest ones to Maze War. There are hundreds of great FPS games out there you could play with the E girls you hire on Gank.

Call of Duty Warzone                                           

Let’s get this out of the way since it’s pretty much an obvious choice. It is still one of the best battle royale games you could play with your friends. If you’re looking for a competitive game you could play with the E girl you hired, this is a must. It is free and cross-platform which means even if you play on different platforms, you could still play with the E girl. There are three modes in Warzone as well: Plunder, Resurgence, and Battle Royale.

You could play Warzone on Xbox, PS4, and PC, and makes it easy for you to play with them. However, if one of you doesn’t actually own any of these but wants to experience playing a Call of Duty game, then there’s an alternative as well.

Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile is available for free on any mobile device. There are multiple ways for you to play this game with your friends. You could play on Multiplayer mode which has multiple game modes in itself. You’ve got team deathmatch, frontline, search and destroy, hardpoint, and lot’s more. There’s also the Battle Royale mode everyone loves.

This game also features skins and characters we all know and love like Captain Price, Soap, Adler, Ghost, and many more. The graphics may not be as good-looking as that of Warzone but it won’t stop you from having a good time.


It is also one of the most obvious choices when looking for FPS games you could play with an E girl. There have been many great Battlefield games to have come out. Some have campaign mode if you’re looking to play alone but also have a multiplayer mode. There’s also a new one coming out later in 2021. Its trailer even showed a guy jumping out of a jet and firing a rocket launcher and successfully entering another jet in midair. That’s just some crazy, out-of-this-world kind of stuff you only get to see in Battlefield.

It is also said that the best battlefield game to play is Battlefield 2. Although its story is not all that great, its campaign is also the longest among all of them. Its multiplayer is also what makes it so amazing. You get to have a team that consists of up to 6 soldiers and 15 different maps. It is a game worth checking out.

CounterStrike: Global Offensive

CS:GO is another free and well-known FPS game out there today. You could see it in almost every ESports event there are. You could only play it on PC and older consoles so if you’ve only got the newer consoles to play on, this may not be the game for you. It is one of the most competitive games today and despite being 8 years old, it still shows no signs of becoming obsolete like other games this old.

There are a ton of other great fps games you could play but these are some of the best ones. It’s best experienced playing with others so what are you waiting for? Go to Gank now and hire someone to help you and accompany you in your games.