Fun facts about 3D Printing 



  • Practically anything can be replicated 


As incredulous as it may seem, 3D Printers have the ability to create almost everything! It sounds like it’s too good to be true but it’s been proved time and time again. It can produce engine parts, body implants, jewelry, make-up, edibles, construction material. You name it and we have it! It can overcome and break through limitations to achieve the impossible. Infact, researchers have gone as far as stating that 3D Printing is only limited by man’s imagination. Technically, 3D Printers are designed to convert virtually any digital image into a three-dimensional object. As such, the possibilities are endless! A 

large-scale 3D Printer has the remarkable capacity to construct bridges and robots. 


  • It is used in Production 


Previously it was only used for prototyping but is now being put to commercial use. A prototype is a partial implementation of a product that is expressed physically with certain physical interfaces intact. For instance, Ford was using 3D printing technology to manufacture car parts for testing. Due to the low-production costs availed from 3D Printing, the company managed to salvage all of nearly 500,000$ from a month’s worth of production. 

Lezar3D prototyping can produce materials that emulate the appearance of wood or silicone. Now they mass manufacture objects like lamps and other interior décor add-ons. Nowadays, designers are making good use of the technology to showcase their artistic talent for the world to see. 

Fashion designers use the device as a creative medium to produce high-end couture. They stand to gain a lot through 3D Printing. 


  • The entertainment industry 


Think Dinosaurs and almost instantly, Jurassic Park comes to mind! 3D Printing was able to successfully scan ancient bones and fossils to create three-dimensional models that was used in the movies. Heard of the famous blockbuster, Black Panther? Award-winning costume designs were manufactured by none other than 3D Printers. They were able to blend traditional and futuristic designs to accommodate the creative ingenuity of the makers. 


  • Robots 


Robots have piqued the curiosity of people for many years. Today, with 3D printing technology at our fingertips, this will soon translate to reality. Sure, robots were already being manufactured the old way but creating them now is a cakewalk! They can be equipped with flexible and soft body limbs. In order to make them as human-like as possible, soft surfaces are a must.