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After you have determined the keywords, you start processing them in the texts of your existing / or new web pages. Limit yourself to 1 term per page, so that the search engine knows very clearly that this topic is central to this page. Make sure your texts have sufficient length and that the correct keyword density (keyword / total number of words) is reached. You can use the Yoast tool again for this. For the best seo services this is one very important issue now.

Optimize Your Page Links (Urls)

For search engines, the names of links on your website are very important as an indication of the content of a page. So do not opt ​​for: or something similar, because that does not add anything. Better is: or something similar. Note: if you have an existing website and are going to change the page link, you (and now it will be technically) create a 301 redirect, since the “old” link will no longer work and therefore the page will not work. more exists. All links to that “old” page no longer work. Your website builder can easily create this for you, so you don’t miss out on potential customers.

Optimize Your Page Title And Meta Description

Your page title and meta description are very important for search engines. The trick is to write a title that can be found well and contains a call-to-action (or: when the search result is shown, it must sound interesting enough to click through, in marketing terms the so-called Conversion is called ratio). Make sure title and description describe your page concisely and in an interesting way.

Use Main And Subheadings: H1, H2, H3 And Clear Paragraph Structure

The use of headlines is not only nice for the search engines, your audience also likes to read in headlines. This makes the text a lot more readable. In addition, use summaries instead of, for example, long texts with commas.

Use Images And Alt Tags

By adding images and neatly providing them with so-called alternative tags (descriptive words), you become easier to find. Note: the effect of this varies greatly, so this is of a somewhat lower priority.

Link Building

Google (and other search engines) apply the basic principle that the more websites that link to your website, the higher your position in the search engines. In addition, it is important to generate links from websites that have a high ranking (relevance) with Google. So don’t start looking for random link building partners, but focus on the most relevant parties in the first instance. For link building, it can be a fairly intensive process, so it is usually a good idea to outsource this piece.

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