Guerilla marketing services to assess when hiring an ad agency

Doing something unexpected always gets noticed. That’s the law of nature. The same rule applies to the world of marketing too. Do the unexpected, and you can get your brand to stand out amidst even thousands of competitors. Guerilla marketing is all about implementing unthinkable ideas until someone thinks of executing the ideas. For example, if you want to promote your fast food restaurant or TV show, you can use buses to spread the word around. Watched day after day by thousands of people on the streets, the word not just spreads but reaches out to the maximum number of people in the city or the region wherever the bus goes. 

One great example of guerilla marketing is using the road surface at zebra crossings or urban benches to capitulate real-life designs that make the entire space surreal. While all of it sounds interesting, the truth is that this marketing aspect needs the expertise to initiate or execute. Therefore, it is imperative to find a professional guerilla advertising agency specializing in this niche. Your brand needs someone, an individual, a team, or an entire agency to develop rocking and extraordinary ideas that could grab the public’s attention. Since it is an ambush to steal the creative space from competitors, a lot of work needs to be done over a period to achieve the results. Understandably, the ideas need to be out-of-the-box, in the true sense of the word! The more the experience of the agency, the better will be the execution. Another important point here is that guerilla marketing is mostly about locational advantage. The spot needs to be right, and in most cases, you get to see such tactics on the street, on moving vehicles, inside event venues, etc. That is why due regard should be given to the agency’s know-how about the places in your target area. Hiring a local advertising agency with expertise in guerilla tactics is best advised. When hiring an agency, make sure to query about the company’s services.

What do guerilla marketing services entail?

  1. Brainstorm ideas that provide a thrust to the brand and help achieve the desired goals.
  2. Identifying locations or neighborhoods for the display of the ad.
  3. Specific care is taken to tailor-fit the ideas to the specific cities. 
  4. Preparing the plan.
  5. Designing the assets about guerilla marketing
  6. Fabricating the assets
  7. The marketing team needs to be staffed and trained to carry out the entire campaign.
  8. Have the right photographers and videographers on the team to capture the entire process. 
  9. Assess the entire campaign and prepare the reports.

Ensuring the success of your guerilla marketing campaign

The first step is to set the goals. Throughout the process, it is essential to be originally creative and innovative. A campaign of this nature can succeed only when everyone participates with equal enthusiasm. As mentioned, knowledge of the local landscape is a must so that the campaign blends seamlessly with the overall plan. Also, brands and agencies need to ensure that the entire campaign is aligned with the overall brand positioning and concepts.