How can businesses benefit from Web-based AR?

Web based AR or WebAR are augmented reality solutions meant to be used in web browsers. No application download will be required. Lots of companies have been using it over apps as it is convenient and easy to use.

Advantages offered

  • Easy to launch the application.
  • Offers end users with more convenient access.
  • Can be accessed from any device.
  • Ensures effortless and smooth updates.

AR Development and its value from business perspectives

In the U.S., about 73% consumers using AR were found to be very satisfied or satisfied with their overall experience. It clearly shows that augmented reality is favored upon. Hence, implementing it in your business will enable you to improve customer satisfaction quickly.

How does it benefit your business?

Using AR, you can increase customer’s engagement, gain new customers and improve revenue. You can offer products to your customers to try it first before they make the purchase. They don’t have to interact with your product physically, thus making AR a useful tool for e-commerce businesses. In case you are into the fashion industry, then virtual fitting rooms can be developed. Even make-up stores may provide their customers with make-up try-ons while jewelry shops can benefit from web based ar jewelry. Using such apps, it becomes easier to customize your products to suit customer requirements. This can help improve your returns by 10-15 percent. You may use AR to strengthen customer service. AR remote support application has helped many businesses to benefit immensely.

Difference between AR apps and web based ar?

Difference can be noticed in ease of use and accessibility. Often, AR applications are used for promotional or marketing purposes. Trying to download and install any app will require users to put in some effort. Since several steps are to be followed in the process, many consumers feel discouraged to go ahead to complete and use it. This will only mean loss of customer and revenue for your business.

Instead you may provide your potential customers with QR code from the best crm for small business to transfer it to AR content directly. You will experience higher user counts and click-through rates. Web based ar application updation process is optimally simplified. New version is to be uploaded enabling users to access it from same link. Web version does not require following complex verification from AppStore or Google Play Store. Web-AR technology ensures uncomplicated, smooth updates. It is also compatible with most mobile devices, thus providing your business with better customer reach.