How Can You See Facebook Secret Conversations or Encrypted Messages?

Secret conversations done on Facebook are a kind of encrypted messages which can be seen only by the senders and the receivers. The Facebook algorithm is designed in such a way that not even Facebook would be able to see these messages. Track Secret Conversations On Facebook is their inbuild feature and uses for the security purpose for the users.

Moreover, you can choose the option of a timer where the message will automatically get deleted or disappear. Although these messages will appear on your padlock, and thus it will help you to remember your secret messages. It is not very tough to see secret conversations on Facebook; all you need to do is t ok just follow the process.

How can you Use Secret Conversations on Facebook?

Now you should know How To View Private Facebook message and with a simple step you would be able to use it. Follow the steps carefully and make sure you don’t skip any of the steps.

Open the messenger app and hit on the Me option on the screen. Now here you will get the option to enable the Secret Conversation. Here you do not have to do much work, you just need to press Ok, now the message from Facebook will appear on your screen.

If you are also willing to send a secret message to someone then you can do that. Just select the secret option given inside the new message section. There is also an option to reflect your sent messages for a limited time.

For Web Users To See The Secret Conversations On Facebook

  • To Track Secret Conversations on Facebook, you need to go to Messenger on the internet.
  • Navigate to the top corner inside the app and click on the Messenger icon. Immediately, you will land on the page to see the message request.
  • Inside the section, you can check all the Messages Requests received from People you have no connection with on Facebook. You can also see more messages using the Filtered requests feature.

For Android And Ios App To View Secret Conversations On Facebook

Once you have successfully downloaded the messenger app, open the app to reveal How To View Private Facebook but make sure that you are on the home screen. Now select People and their Message Requests that you want to see. You can also see more messages by clicking the see Filtered requests.