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If we talk about marketing strategy for your app success then the best thing that you can do is get as many reviews for your Android app as possible. All you need to do is to go for a well trafficked, respected and authentic site where you can buy Android app reviews. It will not only help to increase your app discoverability but it will also influence the visitors to install the app. 

You must be wondering from where you can buy these app reviews.  Well there are so many websites out there but you have to choose the one that is providing you many services. Here we are going to guide you what to look for in such website. 

Reviews should be well written

Select such website services that are providing reviews from real users. What some websites do is they write reviews via bots which is completely not a good approach. Actually using bots saves a lot of money and time but it is never a recommended approach. Also you are paying for real user reviews not for some automatic bot copy paste.

Also the review should have following points in it in order to attract more users:

  • It should be well written grammatically and good sentence structure.
  • It should look real and written by some person not like a copy paste job.
  • It must be at least 10 to 15 words long.
  • It must contain your targeted keyword in order to increase exposure and get more chances of discoverability.
  • Review writing should be simple yet precise.
  • It must have such writing that would have good impact on boosting your app not just words like “great app” or “love this app” but something meaningful.

Customer support should be excellent

When you select a website, make sure their customer support is great. You might have a lot of questions so they should be available to you every time. They must also be able to give you a precise explanation so that you could understand better. Don’t just rely on email system, you must be able to talk to them via live chat, Skype or even on phone. Discuss the package plan that you want to try and make sure there is no ambiguity left. 

Payment method should be safe

Make sure the website that you are selecting has a safe payment method. There are many safe options like Paypal, Skrill, Payoneer where not only your credit card information is protected but payment is secure in other ways as well. You can ask for refund if the website scam you. There is a dispute process where you can ask for refund. The payment service providing company will investigate the issue and if you are on right then they will fully refund you the payment. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

So if you follow all these tips then you can get most out of the service and your app will get great recognition and popularity.