How To Charge Li-Ion Battery Correctly?

The period of Cell battery is over. Today, Li-Ion Battery is increasingly popular. And of course, their charging is different from the Cell battery.

In this article, I will show you how to properly charge the battery and increase its life cycle! Read below to know some of the most useful!

1. Keep batteries from 40% – 80%

The battery in the best state is 40-80%, and you do not need to charge 100% fully. Many people believe that minimizing the number of charging times is good, but it is a wrong thought. Because of this, you should never think that charging is 100% that you are charging the battery properly.

Li-ion batteries do not count the number of charges. It will count the charging cycle. Therefore, it is not necessary to fully charge. And you can charge the battery at any time, as long as it’s most convenient for you.

Forget about maximizing the number of charges. Most battery experts agree that batteries are like people: “eating” many times and doing lots of light activities is better than eating a full meal and working continuously.

2. Do not leave the battery in low state for a long time

We live in an era of Li-ion batteries instead of Cell batteries like 10 years ago. The longer your battery is in the low state, the less it will last.

The truth is that. So, to charge the battery properly, you should never leave it low for a long time.

3. Charge Li-Ion Battery at normal temperature

Temperatures that are too hot, too cold, or constantly changing temperatures will cause the Li-Ion battery’s life to be reduced, or the battery will swell.

To avoid this, just be careful not to use the device while charging. Do not use the device in hot sun. Or pay attention when regularly going to places where temperature changes such as air-conditioned rooms.

4. Continue charging when the battery is 100% full

For Li-ion Batteries, you should not continue charging when the battery is full. Because when the battery has reached 100%, it will have to continue to maintain the charging current at a very small level to keep the battery from losing capacity while plugging in the charger.

This charging method will cause the battery to switch between two different states, that is, charging and discharging energy continuously.

It causes the battery to be stressed and affect the chemicals in the battery.

Stop charging after fully filling like a person loosening their muscles after a stressful working day. This will help the battery chemistry be stable in a state and harder to age.

5. Fully charged up to 100%

In fact, Battery University’s research (a page that synthesizes battery knowledge, built by a reputable battery maker) shows that Li-ion batteries don’t need to be fully charged to 100%.

Because, in theory, Li-ion batteries will gradually increase the voltage from 3.8V to 4.2V after being fully charged.

But the higher the voltage, the faster the battery chemistry reacts, leading to faster aging than low voltage levels.

For this reason, it is assumed that Li-ion batteries will last the longest when you maintain the battery capacity below 100%.

6. Fully charge the battery in just one time

Not really a concept, but using the phone in the morning and charging it in the evening has become a habit of smartphone users.

And with just one charge, their battery capacity will be full 100% in the morning of the next day. Because it was charged continuously throughout the night. Maybe this will save you time. But this is not the right way to charge!

Li-ion batteries are very sensitive to major electrical changes. Experts at Battery University say that charging a Li-ion battery every time it loses 10% of capacity is the best way.

And there is no concept that every time you charge the battery, it will count as a charging cycle.

But obviously, this charging method is not suitable for users’ phone usage habits. Therefore, you should charge the battery as soon as possible to make the battery more durable.

To sum up

The above are some tips for you to charge the Li-ion battery properly. If you apply these tips, I believe your battery will last longer.

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