How to Improve Your Game Performance on Windows PC?

Playing video games has become the most popular hobby with many games releasing every day for PC and play stations. Many PC games don’t perform well due to the common issue of poor gaming performance. It basically results in poor and slow performance in gaming video rates, poor quality display, choppy gaming play, audio distortion, etc. Here, we will discuss some of the best ways to improve the performance of computer gaming by using a game booster

  • While some games need a minimum requirement and level to perform better, others need a graphics card and processor to give better performance. However, you should know that you can’t set up the graphics card and processor manually for improvement of gaming performance.
  • The advanced settings of the latency optimizer are a powerful application. Here, apply the individual settings to reduce the high latency, which may result is a misconfiguration of your system or your internet connection settings.
  • It is important to clean temporary files. There are many temporary files in your operating system, such as the browsers crash dumps, dump files, and other temporary files. Once you delete all the temporary files in your computer, it will perform better as a clean startup.
  • Remember to check your computer’s DirectX, graphics, update drivers, and audio information. It is important that you have the newest version of DirectX installed for better performance. If you don’t have the updated version installed, download the newest version.
  • You can set visual effects for high performance. You can do this by going to visual effects in settings and then click the adjust the best performance button. Now, test your game for better performance.
  • Run a speed test, latency test, and ping test on your computer in order to check its efficiency.

Once, you have done all these steps; you can see the difference that how your computer’s performance has been improved instantly.