How to Keep Your Business Up and Running During a Pandemic

When you are a business owner there is no way to know if someone with COVID-19 has entered your site or business. All they need to do, is touch something and they can easily spread the virus to everyone in your business. This can lead to your business being shut down. This is why it is so important to have a software solution that offers touch-less sign in or electronic sign in.

Alerts you of problems

This type of business software solutions can alert you to someone entering your business or job site who has symptoms of the CONVID-19 virus. This software solution can send positive alerts out to others who have been on your site or to those who were with the customer who had positive symptoms. This will protect you, your employees and their families and others so that your business does not get shut down leaving you with no money to support yourself.

Best protection

Not only does this software protect from the virus, it also can be custom designed to meet your exact business needs. This can mean a program that is designed just for you or modules that can be redesigned to best protect you and your business. This solution offers you the following:

  • Unique, customized;
  • No lock in contracts;
  • Pricing strategy reducing upfront costs;
  • Helps get you started sooner;
  • Protects employees;
  • Keeps your business open.


This business solution also offers several certifications such as ISO 14001 Environmental. This type of certification offers a complete approach to businesses that support our environment now as well as for generations to come. There are also several other certifications depending on which one your business needs to have.

This is one of the best business solutions to keep your business site up and running during these perilous times.